Instant Messaging!!!!!!!!!!

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Just so you know, most of the names are self explainatory, but I haven't posted my Harry Potters Sister yet, so I decided that you needed to know.

* TheChosenOne: Harry

ScaredofSpiders: Ron

BookWorm99: Hermione

Telyvision?: Molly\Arthur

Thing1: Fred

Thing2: George

FrolickingWithButterflies: Voldemort

Pigfarts: Draco

ChoclateFrogRampage: Me!!!!! *HARRY'S SISTER*

MoonMan: Remus

OneWeasley: Ginny

No1CanTwinkleDereEyesLikeMe: Dumbledore (I'm gonna call him No1)

FinderBoy: Cedric

FBsGirl: Cho Chang

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ChoclateFrogRampage: Hey guys 2 questions, why does Voldemort have an IM account and why are we friends with him or Draco?

TheChosenOne: Really, and why is Voldy called FrolickingWithButterflies?


Bookworm99: Wait, why do you care?

Pigfarts: Why am I talking to you freaks?

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ChoclateFrogRampage: Why are we IMing when we're in the same building? Can someone send Hedwig with a bucket of Choclate Frogs?

Everyone: NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ChocolateFrogRampage: you're mean!!!!!

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ChoclateFrogRampage: Hey hey moldyshorts *I didn't come up with that name I just love it* I was reading your schedule why did you say my bf died he's right here with me

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Thing1: O.O*

FrolickingWithButterflies: UMMMMMMMMMM WOOOOPPPPS

ChoclateFrogRampage: Someone get me a stick of BUTTER!


ChoclateFrogRampage: NOW DONT ACT LIKE YOU CAN'T HEAR ME RONALD! YOU ARE A ROOM ACROSS FROM ME AND I SEE YOU THE DOOR IS OPEN! NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Moldyshorts you're gonna get it *i didnt think of moldyshorts i just cant remember who did*

FrolickingWithButterFlies: meep O_O*

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