Chapter 14

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Cece's P.O.V.

"I can't believe you still have these" He said sounding surprised.

"Have what?" I questioned him while now sitting on my bed and looking at him where I saw him standing in front of my bookshelf

"This" He said turning around and showing me a picture that we took in the park a long few years ago on my brother's and I birthday, it was with his sister, my brother, one where him and I were hugging and he's kissing me on my cheek and i'm smiling big and my brother and his sister had cake smothered across their faces, we had turned 10 that year.

He also held a pink and white power rangers action figure he gave me when we were bestfriend to be exact those were the last items he gave me before he became who he is now, he had told me I was the pink ranger and he was the white one and he also had a pink teddy bear which he gave me when we in elementary school for a valentine's day in a party we had.

"Oh that. I forgot I had those" I said a little embarrassed that he noticed I still kept his gifts. I don't know why I kept them to be honest. I guess I miss the old him, the caring kid that used to always help me with my homework, the one that cared about my feeling and not this guy in front of me who I don't recognize anymore.

"Why do you still have them?" He asked while looking down at his hands where he's now playing with the little action figure that look small in his large manly hands. He looks so childish and careless doing that. Like the old kid I knew.

"I don't know, I guess I forgot to throw them away with the rest of the things we shared when we were just best friends." I said playing with my fingers and shuffling on my bed feeling uncomfortable. How can I feel like this in my own house? My own room?

"You threw away everything?" He asked with what sounded like sadness in his voice.

Why would he feel sad, I mean he was the one who stopped talking to me and ignored me, and the one who told his sister not to talk to me, not the other way around. Maybe I'm just imagining things.

"Yes, why would I keep them? " I said lying straight to his face, I never threw his things away. I actually keep them in a wooden box we made together with my dad that is now hiding in my closet under my shoe boxes. There's only one person that knows I kept all the things I shared with Jace and that's Chace.

"I don't know. I don't even know why I am surprised you threw them away, I bet Chace dumbass helped you throw them away and replaced them with new things you and him share." He said angry

"First of all don't you dare talk about Chace like that when he was the only person here for me when you left me and treated me like shit." I told him standing in front of him and poking his chest with my finger. How dare he talk about Chace like that, when he was the only one beside my brothers who comforted me when he abandon me. He's such an ass. I don't know why I was ever friends with him.

"Whatever, let's just finish this shit so I can leave already" he said throwing my things in the small trash can I have next to my computer table. How dare he throw my things away. I didn't pick them up though I don't want him knowing I care about those gifts. I keep those outside because those were the last things he gave me, not the teddy bear but the power rangers.

20 minutes later we were done, but before he could leave I had to ask him one question.

"Why did you change Jace, what happened between us? What did I do?" I asked

"Forget about it" he said running his hands threw his hair and finishing packing his school things in his bookbag. He was limping his foot I'm guessing hasn't gotten better, which worries me since he had been complaining about it.

"I can't, and I never will. What the hell happened? Why did you change?" I said yelling at him.

"Chace, Chace fucking McCarthy happened" He yelled pushing past me and slamming my bedroom door and leaving me standing there confused.

What did Chace do to him that he hates him so much and made him stop talking to me? Me, out of everyone that he had in his life.

After standing in front of my bedroom door for 5 minutes I walked over to my trash can and slid down the wall and took out my gifts and held them close to my chest while silent tears slid down my face.

I hear a knock on my door and ignore it.

"Ce, open up it's Chace." I stand up and let him in.

"What the hell happened? I saw Jace leave where he bumped my shoulder angrily." He asks standing in front of me with a worried look.

"It doesn't matter. He's never going to change and he's never going to tell me why he hates you or why he left me. I don't even know why I try and have hope in that when I know he's, he's" I choke up and hug Chace. He hugs me and kisses my head.

"Hey, don't cry. I'm sorry you want him to change and he doesn't baby. Stay clear from him for a few days and clear your head. If you want we can go shopping tomorrow and eat junk food." he says. He pulls me towards our bed and tosses his shoes and stacks up my things on the side.

"Come on." he says patting the front of the bed where he is seated at. I sit on the bed and cross my legs like he has his.

"So what happened?" I look up at him.

"He-he saw the things I have on my bookshelf that he gave me and the picture I had of us. He threw it away in the trashcan, and then he blamed you for leaving me." I lay my head on Chace's leg while he threaded his fingers through my hair.

"I don't know what I did, but I'm sorry, Ce. I didn't mean for that to happen. I mean when we met we were just kids, so I seriously don't know what I did." He mumbles.

"No, you have nothing to blame yourself for. It was his choice. You were going through a lot and still are. So, it's his fault not yours."

"Do you want to take a nap?" He asks

"Yes, please." We fall asleep and next time I wake up It's almost 12 at night. Chace is quietly sitting on my computer playing video game.

"Motherfucker" He says killing his enemies. I get off my bed and tap him on his shoulder.

"AAHHH" He screams

"Wow, manly scream" I say laughing.

"You finally woke up." He says taking off one side of his headphone as he continues playing.

"Have you been up for a long time?" I ask

"Like an hour or so"

"Oh, okay." I join him playing and by the time I noticed it's 2 something in the morning, and I am hungry and pissing my pants.

"I'll be back I have to pee." I get off my chair and go to the bathroom.

When I come out I come face to face with Jace, which causes me to jump up. I look up at him and continue walking to my room. My heart swells up and I feel a lump in my throat. When I enter my room Chace has turned off the computer.

"You okay? You seem like you saw a ghost."

"Jace came back" He checks his phone.

"At this time?"

"Yeah, he's always had difficulties sleeping at his house so he sleeps here."


Since we're hungry we go eat. I'm honestly starving and since I didn't eat dinner that makes it worst. Chace and I spend a long time downstairs and eventually go back upstairs to talk and laugh which helps for a little that Jace is right across the hall. 

I changed a few words from this chapter that mostly belong to the prologue but nothing major. I hope you guys liked it and I'm going to try and get a few more chapters done. I'm trying to also, finish this story before it turns a year in July! So crossing my fingers I get it done as well as my other stories!

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