Rinkaku Ghoul! Dark x Human! Mark

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A big, big thanks to Trashcanallalong for the request! Just a warning, I haven't watched Tokyo Ghoul in about a year, so leave me alone when it comes to certain facts about the ghouls n stuff XD There will also be a few POV changes!

I walked along the sidewalk, hands in my pockets. There was a new cafe that everyone was talking about. Apparently it was really good.

I continued walking, humming a soft tune to myself as I looked up at the evening sky. It wasn't very busy today, which was quite relaxing, honestly.

Suddenly, I was pulled into an alleyway, a hand clamping onto my mouth to prevent me from screaming. My eyes widened as I tried escaping, but a cool, thick blade pressed against my neck.

I shook, looking down at the... purple... blade...

Nonononononono this is not how I want to die!

I tried kicking behind me, but my legs were knocked out of the way. The person dragged me deeper into the darknening alleway.

"Stop moving and I might make your death quicker," a soft, menacing female's voice rang out as she removed her firm hand.

I gulped, wincing as the blade slid across my throat, coaxing out beeds of crimson.

"H-HE-LP!" I cried out, clenching the dull side of her kagune. "Please, let me go!"

I was kicked to the ground, harshly landing on the cold cement floor. I tried to stand but I was thrown against the wall by my back, the air being knocked out of my lungs. I gasped, the ghoul pressing the purple blade against my neck. I clenched my teeth, screwing my eyes shut.

"The feisty ones are always the best~" she purred, pressing the blade harder against my throat, choking me. She bit my neck harshly, making me cry out in pain.

I screwed my eyes shut, waiting to be stabbed to death. But that never came.

Instead, the girl before me yelled out in frustration, and I fell to the floor on my hands and knees. I shakily looked up, eyes widening.

Another ghoul had thrown her to the side, two thin, sharp kagune coming from the back around his waist. He stabbed her in the heart, the other piercing through her stomach. The girl shrieked, trying to cut off his kagune with the purple one at her shoulder. Blood spurted everywhere, thickly flowing the floor.

I put a hand to my mouth in disgust, shakily getting up. I grimaced as the deep bite in my neck burned.

I have to run, get out of here, warn the police, something!

The other ghoul began to eat her, its kagune wildly whipping around as it began to disinegrate.

A-a c-cannibal?!

I whimpered, cursing to myself as he snapped his head towards me, black eyes with red irises piercing into my soul. My eyes widened and I turned to run away, but a slick, black tentacle wrapped around my waist, pulling me over to the gruesome scene. I froze in fear, shaking as I gulped, clenching my jaw.

"What, you're not going to thank me?" his deep voice rang out, startling me. His second tentacle slowly drifted in front of my face, pressed against my mouth so I wouldn't make a sound.

I watched with fearful eyes as he walked around to face me. His whole torso was caked with blood, along with most of his chin. The thick, crimson droplets still dripped from his mouth.

I only let out a muffled whimper in response, making eye contact with his dreadful eyes. He slowly removed the tenacle covering my mouth, flicking it to the side. Blood splattered on the wall beside me, making me begin to shake again.

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