Chapter 23 | | The Intention to Get Attention....

It was 7:30 p.m. already and Noah still hasn't returned yet. Olivia left an hour ago to go to work and left me and Gracie here, watching her favourite TV show, Powerpuff Girls. It's funny to watch her jumping around, pretending to be Blossom and chasing villains but I'm still wondering were Noah is hanging around. This whole situation is generally really confusing.

Just a few hours ago, we were really close and maybe about to kiss like last time and ten minutes later, he runs off to some girl. Is this some kind of guy logic I don't get ? Anyways, he is free to do whatever he wants. What Olivia said might be right, I know that he is not that much of a bad person but I don't have time to analyze every word he says to find out his intentions. It's interesting that people care more about being loved than respected yet it is way more important. I have to admit, I never thought about this before. I guess there is still a lot, I have to learn...

"Gracie, it's way past your bedtime.", she looked at me with her big blue eyes and then back at the TV.

"But I want to watch Powerpuff Girls.", she pouted.

"You need to sleep now or you'll be tired tomorrow. As Blossom said: early to bed, early to wake, makes a lady smart, pretty and great. Don't you want to be smart, pretty and great ?"

She sighed and looked down at the floor. "Yes."

We went upstairs, Gracie got into her pyjama and crawled into her bed. "Do you want me to read you a story ?"

"No.", she yawned. "No?"

"No.", she repeated. "I need to be a great, smart and pretty lady. Stories are for children."

I chuckled at her response and Gracie dug her head into her pillow. She never fails to surprise me. After I turned off the light and closed the door, I made my way downstairs and I heard someone, turning the door handle.

"Oh look who is gifting us with his presence. Did your little hook up took longer than expected ?", I huffed more irritated than I intended to. What the heck was that ?

His just slightly nodded in response. Something is wrong with him, I can tell that something is in his mind.

"Are you ok ? You seem a little out of it.", I asked worriedly.

"Jackson is in jail.", my eyes widened. "What ?! How ? What happened ?"

"It was Matt. He provoked him, causing Jackson to completely freak out. That is what Eddy told me he called me when I was...", he stopped as he realized what he was about to say. "Never mind.", he scratched his head and went into the living room.

Poor Jackson. Not that Matt didn't deserve it but he shouldn't have done that already because Paula will definitely hate him to the moon and back. Fortunately, she is on a trip to Paris with her family and will not comeback until the end of Spring Break because Paula in rage is something I don't want anybody to experience. Their family has some kind of a rule where their children aren't allowed to bring their phones with which means she'll only find out when she is back from her.

"How did Matt manage to provoke Jackson ? He did not seem to be like a person who could not control his temper."

"You know.", he started. "Jackson did not grow up under the best circumstances. His father was very abusive and his mother was afraid to go to the police. When Jackson turned fourteen he had the guts to go to the police and they put them in jail. His mother is now married to a very cool guy and everything is alright but an experience like that will never be forgotten easily. Matt insulted him and told him he is exactly like his father : a worthless, piece of shit who will end up in jail sooner or later. Eddy said that Matt was jealous of Jackson and did not intentionally insult him but it was more of a sudden outburst. He seemed to be really desperate about it which does not surprise me in any kind of way because Matt has a big mouth but nothing more."

I was fuming right now. I knew that Matt was an arrogant idiot but this is just disgusting. I knew that he won't miss out an opportunity when it comes to girls, he even hit on me one time. Believe me when I say, I'm scarred for life....

Noah took his keys, his jacket and went towards the door. "Where are you going ?"

"To the police station. I need to bail Jackson out of there. No way, I will let Jackson in this hell hole." I happen to know the police officer, he is a good friend of my mom."

His obvious concern about his friends made me smile. "Can I come with you ?", I asked hesitantly. He just nodded in response.


Arriving at the police station, we parked right in front of the door to see a familiar character, coming out of the building. I unbuckled my seat and stormed out of the car as I realized who that person was, Noah following me closely.

"Why did you do that ? You stupid asshole.", I yelled at Matt.

"I-I did not mean to.", he stuttered, seemingly shocked about what has happened.

"Don't. I knew that you were an arrogant jerk with all your snobbish behaviour but that is low, even for you, Matt.", Noah tried to hold me back but I pushed him away.

"I did not think that..."

"Exactly ! You did not think. You never do that. I suggest you to start doing it before I'll cut your throat, I'm serious."

"I-I would be c-cautious with your threats if I-I were y-you. M-My dad is y-your mom's boss and could e-easily fire her.", he stuttered, obviously just using this threat to hide his desperation.

"You know, Matt. Threats are more effect when you are not about to shit yourself.", I smiled falsely, passed him and Noah and I entered the police station.

"Ok you wait here.", Noah instructed me. "I'll try to talk to my mom's friend to get Jackson out of here as soon as possible.

I sat down on a seat near the entrance hall and waited.

I hope Paula will finally realize what kind of an asshole Matt is. Sure, he did this instinctively but this is definitely no excuse for his pathetic behaviour. Matt would have been in jail too if our justice system wasn't so messed up. What he did was as bad as the fact that Jackson punch him. I truly sympathize with Jackson, probably because I never liked Matt that much but also because his actions were more than understandable.

"Sofía?", a voice caused me to snap out of my thoughts.


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