Chapter 13

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Jace's P.O.V.

"How's the tutoring session going with my sister?" Tanner asks me while we're at practice.

"They're going. You know I can't talk about who I'm tutoring Tan"

"But she's my sister, Jace" I roll my eyes as I watch the coach scream at a few teammates who are playing around.

"And also the student I'm tutoring, so no bro"

"Stupid tutor-student confidentiality" I laugh at his annoyed face.

"I have to go before coach kills me" He says not before hitting me with helmet before running off.


Tutoring Cece hasn't been my easiest task. If I thought about killing her before right now I probably will. I feel someone besides me and I look up to find the last person come visit me at the field.

"Can we push tutoring to 4?" Cece asks.

"We have a team meeting after school today. I was going to ask to take you out of class at 2 so that we could do it before practice"

"I can't" I don't question her because the pain in my ankle is what I'm paying attention to.

"How about this? Since I'm staying over today, we'll do it over at your house?"

"You always stay home, so that's not surprising. Anyways, I don't have a choice, so fine."

"Okay, than. I'll see you later." I watch her leave the field. Looking closer I see Chace waiting for her. God, I hate him for taking my girl.

After our meeting in the afternoon Tanner, Aiden and I made our to their house.

"When do you come back?" Aiden says to me.

"Next week hopefully. My ankle is going down, the bruises are still there and all but it's been a week so hopefully I'll be able to play next week. At least practice. I hate being on the sidelines."

"I bet. I'd hate to get injured." Aiden says while grinning into his phone.

"Who are you texting with that stupid grin?" Tanner asks his brother.


"Idiot." Parking in front of his car Tan turns off his car. He gets out and so does Aiden.

"Guys, I need help"

"Of course you do" Tanner teases.

"You go, keep on sexting whoever you are sexting"

"That's the last thing I'll do with her" he says walking away.

"Who do you think he's texting?" He asks me.

"A girl for sure. But which one? That I don't know." I hand Tan my school bag and gym bag.

"Dude, what the fuck do you have in your school bag?"

"They're called books Tan. How are you passing?"

"Study home and school work at school, homework at school too. I'm smart anyways" he shrugs and opens the front door and goes in before I do.

"I need to sit down, my foot is killing me."

"Try getting yourself into the kitchen so that we can eat." I nod and make my way over there.

Once we eat I look at the time and notice that it's 5:30. Since I'm not sure if Cece is here, I call her.

"Are you in your house?" I ask

"Yes, just come upstairs to my room or we can do it downstairs in my parents' office."

"I'll be up there soon." I make my way slowly, like slower than slow up the house's stairs. I took 5-8 minutes to make it to Ce's room. When I knock I hear her yell to come in.

I find her on her computer typing away. Her books spread across her bed. I look around her bedroom and notice something I wouldn't think she still had.

"I can't believe you still have these."

"Have what?" she asks as she now sits on her bed.

"This" I show her what I had. My throat closed up at the fact that she had the last picture we took. I missed what we had. I missed the fun days, I miss everything I had with Cece.

Once everything happened I left slamming her room door. I breathed in a deep breath and limped all the way down the stairs.

"Tanner, can you drop me off at my place." I yelled once I landed downstairs.

"Why? I thought that you were staying over?"

"I was, just drop me off. I can't drive back because I don't have my car here." I say going as fast as I could towards the door. When I open Chace was coming. I bumped his shoulder and made my ways to Tanner's car as he went to get his keys.

"What the hell happened? I heard yelling, Ce's door slam and now you want to leave."

"Forget it" Once I was dropped off I made my way up the stairs. My school bag on my back.

"Hey, bro" Brie says to me a piece of string cheese hanging from her mouth.

"Bye, sis" I say.

"Rude much?" I ignore her and leave to my room where I haven't been for almost a week because I can't sleep.

Later that night it was around 2 am and I couldn't sleep at all. I kept tossing and turning and and my foot kept aching. Since I couldn't sleep I got up and picked up my school bag and left my house.

I made my way to my car and drove to the Dallas' house. When I got there it was dark. No noise came from anywhere in the house which wasn't surprising since it was late. I left my school bag in the car so I didn't have to worry about walking slower up the stairs. Walking down the hallway to Tanner's room I noticed light coming from under Ce's room. She was awake. The bathroom door opened and Cece came out. She jumped up when she saw me, she didn't say anything and continued into her room where I saw Chace sitting on her bed.

"Don't think about them, Jace. Just don't. If you go in there, you might say shit you don't mean and hurt her feelings more and lose her for good" I say in my head walking over to Tan's. Opening his door I see him spread across his bed in briefs and a white t-shirt snoring. I start peeling my clothes off when he stirs in his bed and looks up at me.

"What the hell are you doing here, dude? I thought you were staying at your place?" He says checking the time and groaning when he sees it.

"Couldn't sleep you know that. Just go back to sleep Tanner and leave me alone."

"This has to do with my sister. I get it. Stop being an insufferable dick and talk to her and in the process please try and not insult Chace." He mumbles.

"Mind your own damn business Tan and go back to sleep."

"Whatever, asshoe" He says seconds later snoring.

I groan and look up at the ceiling. Don't think about her Jace. Don't think about the things they could be doing in her room either.

I hear footsteps and laughter from the hallway.

"Shhh, my mom is going to kill us if we wake her up. Hurry up idiot I'm hungry"

I wish I could get rid of him. One thing for sure she said was true, Chace is an idiot.

I keep my eyes wide open until I hear them coming back upstair almost an hour later. I fall asleep almost at 5 in the morning. At least it's the weekend tomorrow. 

Sorry, for the wait here's the new chapter. The next one will be up soon. It's mostly completed since it contains the Prologue. 

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