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Not being in the inner circle of Beacon Hills is like being a no one. Not being supernatural, or not being in the dark of the supernatural. 

See you, you thought that Stiles Stilinski was the best thing that happened to you. 

But, somehow, you weren't the best thing that happened to Stiles Stilinski.

Fighting the supernatural and protecting the town was so much more important than the well being of him and his relationships with other people.

The weird thing is, you didn't even know about the supernatural, so for you, you just saw your boyfriend shoving his face irrelevant bullshit night after night after night. You saw your boyfriend ignore you for days on end. Not show up for school. Just walk past you in the hall and not acknowledge you at all.

When you tried to talk, he pushed you off, telling you he was busy, that'll he'll do it later.

But later never came.

So, you started ignoring him, you basically ended your relationship. Now that hurt. But what hurt worse was that he didn't even notice.

He didn't even notice that your things were slowly disappearing from his room. That there were no small glances in the hallway. No speaking to his friends. You completely cut him off and he didn't even notice.

Every small thing for a teenager, is like an existential crisis. Like the world is falling apart around you. You though that losing Stiles was like losing apart of yourself.

But the truth was, he was already gone. Long before you ended it.

Stiles' POV

I laid in bed, staring at my ceiling. It was a Tuesday night, y/n was supposed to be here an hour ago. Every Tuesday was our cuddle and..other stuff night. It was our fun night.

I rolled over, grabbing my phone from the side table, dialing her number. 

It was sent straight to voicemail. I rolled back over, begging sleep to come. I was so worried about y/n, that I didn't get to sleep.

Instead, I slipped on some shoes and started towards her house in the jeep. I dialed her number again as I knocked on the door. 

She went to voicemail again, there was a minute before the door opened, squinting at me. "What are you doing here?" She asked, her voice rough with sleep.

"You didn't come over, I was worried something was wrong." I said to her.

"Go home, Stiles." She rolled her eyes, starting to close the door.

"What's the matter?"

She snorted, leaning on the door. "Go home."

"No," I said, stopping the door from closing. "Talk to me."

"Why do you care?" she rolled her eyes. "You haven't even been paying attention to me for the past week."

"Y/n, I've been..busy with stuff."

"Okay, go be busy with your stuff then." She rolled her eyes again and started closing the door again.

I didn't want to lose her, but telling her about the supernatural is risking something that I don't know if she can even handle. Telling her a secret that isn't mine.

"Scott's a werewolf."

She opened the door, looking at me. "What?"

"Lydia's a banshee, Malia's a shewolf, Liam's the beta, Parrish's a hellhound-"

"Stiles stop, now you're just being ridiculous."

"It's true," I said to her. "That's why I've been so busy with everything, we're trying to find a way to defeat this thing called the Benefactor."

"Are you lying?"

"Why would I be lying, y/n?" I asked her. "I'm trying not to lose you right now."

She crossed her arms. "I need proof."

"Okay, I'll call Scott right now."

She opened the door and let me in while we waited for Scott to appear. Finally, he came, standing in front of us in her living room.

"Do it."

"Do what?"

"Go wolfie."

She crossed her arms as she waited. Scott's eyes flashed red and his canines and hair came out.

"What the-"

"I told you."

"So, all those times there was a boy emergency, it was a werewolf emergency?" 

I nodded as she suddenly wrapped her arms around my neck, holding me against her. "I thought you didn't want me anymore."

I pulled back to look at her, smiling softly. "Of course I want you, y/n. I love you."

She smiled as she leaned forward, pressing her lips against mine. I smiled against her lips before pulling back to look at her.

"I love you too, Stiles."

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