Weeks went by and Jeffrey finally started renovating our apartment. The first day, Jeffrey tore down the wall between our apartment and the empty apartment next to us. It was one big chaos, but he knew what he was doing so I wasn't nervous at all. All the furniture in our living room was covered in plastic and the whole hallway was filled with machines and tools. There was dust everywhere, so I stayed in my old apartment whilst Jeffrey worked very hard on our new apartment. Every day I made Jeffrey breakfast, lunch and dinner. When he was done renovating he went straight to bed without saying as much as a word to me. He did that four days in a row. At first, I thought that he was just tired, but one day he was acting unusually strange.

"Jeffrey" I said, staring at the ceiling.

Jeffrey was lying on his side, neither facing me nor touching my body.

"Jeffrey" I repeated, tapping him on his shoulder.

He turned around in his sleep and faced me. He slowly opened his eyes and ran his long fingers through his messy beard. He looked drained. Drained from energy. No words came out of his mouth. Only his heavy breath escaped his lips.

"Can you please talk to me" I whispered, avoiding eye contact.

Jeffrey removed the duvet from the lower part of his body and turned the table lamp on. He placed his left hand on my belly and sighed. I looked down at his hand. I missed his touch. I missed his presence.

"I'm sorry if I have been an absent idiot" Jeffrey rusty voice spoke.

"What is wrong? Is it me?" I asked, placing my hand on top of his.

"No, not at all Emma" He replied, looking me deeply in the eyes. "It is just-" He began.

"Are you and Norman still fighting over what happened at the bar?" I asked, sitting up.

"No, yes, I mean... we have not talked since" Jeffrey sighed, looking down at himself.

"Why have you not told me that? I was really concerned about us. I thought that you were mad at me. We have not had sex since the day we went to the ultrasound scanning at the hospital. We only speak when we eat together. I cannot even remember when we last watched a movie together. I know you are renovating our apartment, but I miss you. I miss you very much, Jeffrey" I said, placing my hand on his shoulder.

"I am sorry Emma. I think it is a combination of missing my parents and fighting with Norman that makes me so absent. I hate fighting with people that I really love. You know I love you and Olivia very much. You mean the world to me. You both do" Jeffrey whispered, placing a soft kiss on my cheek.

"You miss your parents?" I asked.

Jeffrey slowly nodded as he closed his eyes.

"You need to tell me how you feel, Jeffrey" I said, cupping his cheek. "Your parents are watching you from Heaven and they are so proud of you. You have an amazing job and you are still taking care of your dad's old apartment building whilst you are working your ass off. You have me, and...... you made this little baby girl." I added, placing his hand on my belly.

Jeffrey opened his eyes again and smiled weakly. I hit his weak spot.

"They are proud! I am sure, Jeffrey. Just look how far you have come" I whispered.

Jeffrey placed both of his hands on my hips and nuzzled his head against my neck.

After a little while he pulled away and placed himself at the foot of the bed. He kissed my left foot and smiled. His innocent and pure smile gave me butteflies in my stomach.

"I love you so much, Emma. You make me so damn happy." Jeffrey spoke.

" Jeffrey spoke


The following day, Jeffrey and I stayed at my apartment. I told Jeffrey to take a break from renovating and he did. We watched two movies on my IPad and cuddled. I was not sure if he was completely okay, but I tried my best to make him feel better.

"Do you want coffee? I can make a jug" I said, climbing out of bed.

"You don't have to baby" Jeffrey replied, following me.

I walked into the kitchen and opened the cabinet above the coffee machine. Jeffrey placed his hand on the kitchen cabinet door and looked down at me. He almost gave me a shock.

"Jesus Christ, you scared the shit out of me" I laughed, hitting Jeffrey playfully on the chest.

"Watch your mouth, doll" Jeffrey replied, looking down at me. "Also, you don't have to make my coffee, I will make us some breakfast" He added.

A big smile covered Jeffrey's beautiful face. He looked so innocent and pure in his pajamas. His messy and oily hair made him even more attractive.

"As you wish, gentleman" I giggled, walking over to the kitchen island.

I watched Jeffrey as he began cooking. He was making pancakes for us. My favorite pancakes. Blueberry pancakes. Jeffrey was super focused on making them perfect, which I found very funny.

Whilst Jeffrey was making us breakfast his phone, which was lying on the tabletop, buzzed. At first, I ignored it, but then it buzzed again. I couldn't help but glance at it.

Norman: We need to talk, bro. Bad news. Police just called. Jason is spotted in Brooklyn again. Received 9:05 am.

I looked over at Jeffrey. A big lump of discomfort started to grow inside me. Should I tell him?


Hey! I'm so sorry for being so inactive. So many good things have happened in my life lately, but also very bad things. Beside that, I'm working my ass off in college, which drains me so much! I love you guys so much and it means so freaking much to me that some of you guys actually care about me. It's so unrealistic that this book almost has 75k reads now. I'm so grateful and happy.

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