Chapter 7

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"Olivia!, Olivia,he raped meee! Amanda said in hysterical tears as Olivia came in to her room.

Amanda was raped and beaten very badly. She had major vaginal tearing and breasts were cut up spelling out 'Who's next'. "oh baby girl, im so sorry! i should have never let him hit me or find out any information about us" she cried blaming it all on herself. Casey walked in holding Paisley and Taylor's hands. "Manda,I'm so sorry." Casey said not knowing what to say to her. "im fine but it hurts" Amanda said in a little girls voice. A doctor came in and said " Amanda needs to rest now you can come back in the morning,and take her home." With that Olivia kissed her head and Casey stoked her head and all four girls drove to the prescient in silence. Over this time Taylor and Paisley got to become really close and were always playing together. The little girls were playing in the children integration room when Cragen called Casey into his office. "This man,Casey,he has been raping our woman. You are the only women left. You are getting protective detail,no if and or buts" Casey didn't wanted to put up in argument, and just walked away.

3 days later:

"anything on this guy?" Cragen walked in. "nothing yet cap" fin said.''he is completely invisible.'' Liv added. "well theres gotta be something". Meanwhile Casey and Amanda were finishing up talking to Taylor. "Taylor honey when was the first time you were on the street, you gotta tell us." Casey said. "i was seven. i ran away from my foster home. if you really wanna call it a home.''Taylor said. "who take care of you." " the pros did. they would give me a place to sleep and places to clean up they were my sisters i never had." Taylor said looking right at Casey. "well of that's all ill drop you off at the corner then. Casey said trying for Taylor to tell what really happened she knew there was more to the story. "wait.. there's more, the man who the pros stayed with he hurts me.. i don't wanna go back there." Taylor said she was beginning to see Casey as a mother figure. "Taylor, honey please tell Me wh.." in the middle of Casey's sentence Amanda got up and ran into the bathroom. Casey watched Amanda run out, she figured to check on her later and give her privacy and finish with Taylor." Tay, what happened,did someone touch you?." " okay fine i was raped. are ya happy I WAS RAPED! EVERYONE I WAS RAPED!!" "honey calm down, baby come here" she said picking the little girl up as she put her down on Casey shoulder and cried. "can i live with you", you make me feel safe" Taylor cried. "honey i don't if that's possible but i will look, just calm down honey." after while of trying to console Taylor and put her to sleep in the cribs with Paisley. Casey went over to Amanda's desk. "Casey..." she said standing up. "hey manda i just wanted to make sure you will feeling okay" "yea..yea im fine"...she said before falling to the ground


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