First day of school!

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A/n: I'm gonna write the titles of each part a different way in this story instead of writing chapter whatever then the title

Nobody's P.O.V.

You were eating breakfast with your sister Ayano. You two are going to start school soon. Both of you finished so you and Ayano immediately went to school. You are excited and nervous at the same time. Ayano noticed it then tried to comfort you. "It's gonna be fine. You'll fit in well." Ayano said while patting your back. "If you say so sis." You replied while smiling at her. She smiles back.

*after finally reaching school*

You went to the gym to attend the ceremony. Sadly, you had to sit at the place where first year students had to sit while Ayano sits at the place for second year students. You are trying to find a seat. You actually found an empty seat, a feminine looking boy is near it.

 You actually found an empty seat, a feminine looking boy is near it

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"Is this seat taken or not?" You asked the boy. "It's actually free! You can sit next to me! If you want..." The boy replied while rubbing the back of his neck. "I'm Hanako by the way!" Hanako said while smiling. "I'm Y/n!" You replied while taking a seat. For some feel like someone's watching you and Hanako. You shrugged it off.

*after the ceremony cause I'm lazy AF*

Y/n's P.O.V.

I'm trying to find my sister because I want to introduce her to Hanako. "I found her! Ayano! Hey Ayano!" I yelled while running towards her. She turned around and smiled. "I want to introduce to you to Hanako!" I said while grabbing Hanakoė's arm. "Hi!" He said while waving. "You made a friend? How nice!" Ayano said while smiling a bit. "Can he hang out with us? Like in lunch time? Everyday?" I asked while giving her the puppy eyes. "Sure." She said. "YAY!" I said. I never had much friends before in middle school. I'm so glad I finally have a friend! "Should we head to our classroom now?" Ayano asked. "Oh! That's right! What is your classroom Hanako?" I asked while looking at Hanako. Hanako looked at his schedule. "Hmm...classroom 1-1." Hanako said. "Me too!" I said. Ayano looked like she was glaring at Hanako a bit. "We should head to our classrooms now." Ayano suggested. "You're right! Let's go Hanako! Race ya!" I said while running. "No fair! You started way too early!" Hanako said while following me. "Be careful when running! You might trip!" Ayano yelled. Ayano is the best sister. I wish our parents are here...

*after you and Hanako reached your classroom*

Nobody's P.O.V.

You and Hanako finally reached your classroom. you saw two empty seats at the back near the windows. You and Hanako decided to sit there. Hanako at the back while you are sitting in front of him. After waiting for a while a teacher came. Though he is showing a bit too much of his chest. "I'm Mido Rana and I'll be your homeroom teacher. I hope everyone is fine with that~." He said. A couple of girls squealed. You did not squeal though.


You,Hanako and Ayano are sitting at the sakura tree behind the school while eating lunch. "Did you know that if someone confessed their feelings to someone under this tree on a friday, they are guaranteed to accept their feelings?" Ayano asked. "That's interesting.." You said while eating my bento. You noticed that Hanako is spacing out. "Hanako...are you okay?" You said while waving your hand in front of his face. "Hm? Yeah I'm fine." He said. "Okay..." You replied. Ayano is staring at you two. She doesn't trust Hanako that much.


"That's the bell. See you guys soon." Ayano said while getting her bento then leaves. "Well...let's go Hanako!" You said while running off. "Y/n! Wait up!" Hanako said whilw trying to follow you.


You were leaving your classroom with Hanako following you. You were waiting for Ayano. Ayano then came. "Hi Y/n and Hanako." Ayano greeted. "Well...let's go! Bye Hanako!" You said while waving. Hanako waved in return. You started to walk with Ayano. You then bumped into someone. "I'm so sorry!" You apologized. You looked up to see a man with blonde hair and a scar on his face. You then ran away in fear while holding Ayano's wrist. You soon reached home.

A/n: I just wrote....over SEVEN HUNDRED WORDS! WHAT THE HELL?! also what do you think of my new story?

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