~Part 5~

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~Thanks for all the support on this story, here is the long awaited update. Enjoy ^-^!!

Yoongi's eyes flickered open as light streamed in through the gaps in the blinds. "Morning Yoongi." an unfamiliar voice whispered. Yoongi, sensing the heat of a pair of arms wrapped around his waist, sat up expecting to see Jimin and looked straight into the eyes of his best friend Byun Taehyung and instantly relaxed. "Morning Tae." Yoongi said in his gruff morning voice, before getting clothes thrown at him "Get dressed I'm gonna go make breakfast, pancakes or waffles?" Tae questioned "BOTH!!!" Yoongi clapped his hand with an adorable childish grin, Tae just smiled and nudged the clothes closer to Yoongi before leaving the room. Yoongi slipped into Tae's grey sweatsuit and yawned, the smell of pancakes and waffles began to fill the bedroom telling Yoongi it's time to go eat. Yoongi tiptoed into the kitchen and back hugs Taehyun who is putting maple syrup all over the pancakes "Smells good Tae" "Thanks Yoongi, for you" Tae says handing Yoongi a plate filled with pancakes and waffles "Enjoy". The two boys ate with such gusto neither noticed Chanyeol and Baekhyun joining them "Hello you two" Chanyeol smiled instantly filling the house with happiness."Hey Yeollie" Tae smiled "Yoongi this is Baekhyun's husband Chanyeol, Yeollie this is Yoongi." The older male smiled "Hello Yoongi, you really are as handsome as my brother-in-law says!" Tae blushes and playfully slaps Chanyeol's arm pouting "Hyung" "Oops I wasn't supposed to say that, it's just that Tae talks about you soo much I'm so pleased to finally meet you." "YAH!!" "Oopsies I did it again" Chanyeol says covering his mouth with a giant grin. "No, no, no it's fine honestly. It's good to meet you to Mr.Byun." "Call me Chanyeol, or Yeollie" The giant grins and bends down to hug the smaller male "Welcome to the family!" Chanyeol said signalling Baekhyun. Baekhyun walks over to Yoongi and presents him a silver ring with the words 'The Byun Family' engraved into it and with a wide smile Taehyung walks over and slips the ring onto Yoongi's ring finger, as soon as the ring is secured on Yoongi's finger Tae steps back and the Byun family step back and put their hands out infront of them revealing their matching Byun family rings "You are one of us now, every member of the Byun family to have ever existed has owned one of these rings and taken it to their graves. Now it's your turn and as the newest member of our family, you can choose how you want to celebrate." Chanyeol smiles hugging his husband. "I have never had a family before, thank-you so much for taking me into yours." Yoongi said, tears streaming down his face "I will never forget this, lets go to the beach."

*Time skip-Outside Jimin's house*

Yoongi took a deep breath as he prepared himself to go inside the house. "Be strong and be ready." Yoongi whispered to himself before knocking on the door.....

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