Coronation Day!

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*Elsa's POV*

I'm standing at the alter. I am shaking. It has to be visible, it has to be. Anna... she's stunning. She's so clearly nervous. I am the worst sister in the world. I can't believe she had to be locked up, too. We lived in a prison for our childhoods, and it was my fault.

Anna waves at a.. Prince? I think. Again, so nervous. An excited nervous, though, a nervousness I am so very jealous of. He waves back. Ahh, a love nervous. Meanwhile, mine is a Ooh, I hope I don't slip and freeze everyone over nervous. Not so fun.

When I was little, I never imagined my coronation like this. I imagined it with beautiful ice sculptures, and snow encrusting my crown. I imagined my husband, whom I was madly in love with, to be there next to me, supporting me. I imagined my powers would be so easily controllable. I never thought I would become Queen without my parents watching me, my mother handing her title to me, my father's to my husbands.

The crown being slipped onto me brings me back. It is not shimmering with snow. I slowly reach for the scepter and orb that will freeze if I am not careful. But that's what the... "Your majesty, the gloves," the bishop whispered. Internally, I sobbed. The gloves. That's what the gloves were fore. I release the breath I had been holding back and slowly remove the protectors. I handle the objects carefully.

"Sehm hon HELL-drrr IN-um HELL-gum AYG-num ok krund ee THES-um HELL-gah STAHTH, ehk teh frahm FUR-ear Uthear... Queen Elsa of Arendelle." He hurried when he saw the ornaments ice over.

"Queen Elsa of Arendelle."

I hurriedly put the gloves back on and proceed to the reception.

*Anna's POV*

I hear it first. "Queen Elsa of Arendelle." Crud! From afar, I see my sister contently but regally walk into the room. "Princess Anna of Arendelle!" I run in and wave, embarrassed at my lateness. The man pulls me next to Elsa.

"Uh," I say. "Here? Are you sure?" Next to the sister who shut me out?

"...Hi," Elsa the Queen said.

"Hi me...? Oh. Um. Hi." Awkward awkward awkward did I say awkward? Why do I have zero social skills? Oh yeah, because my sister shut everyone else out, too. My sister the Queen.

"...You look beautiful."

"Thank you. You look beautifuller. I mean, not fuller. You don't look fuller, but more beautiful." I was floundering, flustering.

"Thank you," Elsa replies. We look at the dancing, the food, the event itself. "So, this is what a party looks like?"

"It's...," I search for the adjective. "Warmer... than I thought."

"And what is that amazing smell?"

"CHOCOLATE!" We say together. Elsa and I, just me and my sister, together, we share a moment.

The man, Kai, introduces someone to me soon after. "Your majesty, the Duke of Weaseltown."

"Ahem. Weselton," a man with a curved mustache almost as tall as him corrected. "The duke of Weselton. Your majesty, as your closest partner in trade, it seems only fitting that I offer you your first dance as a queen."

The duke of weaseltown proceeded to do some sort of weird series of movements, befitting of his obvious personality.

"Thank you... only I don't dance," Elsa said.

"Oh? Why, I-"

"But my sister does."

"Your sister does what?" I asked.

"Lucky you..." the duke said.

"Oh, I don't think-" I replied hurriedly, but he yanked me away.

"If you swoon, let me know, I'll catch you."

"Help?" I mouthed at Elsa. She mouthed sorry back.

We're 'dancing'. "Like an agile peacock," he says, into the dance.

"Ow.. Ow." He lands on my feet. What is with this guy?

"Speaking of," when were we speaking of it? "So great to have the gates open. Why did they shut them in the first place? Do you know the reason? Hmm? Hmm? HMM?"

"Uh... no."

"Oh, all right. Hang on. They don't call me the 'little dipper' for nothing." Oh sweet Walt Disney help me. He dips me and I almost fall. I continue shooting Elsa pointed looks, ranging from help me to you owe me to I will kill you.

Finally, I am released and I limp back to my sister. The duke offers me another round, which I quickly wince at the thought of.

"Well, he was... sprightly," Elsa tried to find a compliment for him.

"Especially for a man in heels."

"Are you okay?" So many questions about me. It's not the attention I loved, exactly, but that I was receiving it from the one person who meant so much to me and hurt me so much, too.

"I've never been better. This is so nice... I wish it could be like this all the time."

Elsa, relaxed, says, "Me too... But it can't." She turns into the cold Queen again.

"Why not? If--"

"It just," she sighs. "It just can't.

I try to keep my spirits up, but it hurts. "Excuse me for a minute."

I'm almost tripped and am caught by... Hans?"

"Glad I caught you," he says. So much talking, so much dialogue! Normally it's just me and a doll, or me and a door!

"Hans," I sigh.

We dance and it's lovely, wonderful, so different from with the duke.

"I often had the whole parlor to myself to slide," I explain as I glide down the room. I hit him in the face... "Whoops, sorry!"

In the rose garden, we talk. "What's this?" He asks about the white streak in my hair.

"I was born with it, although I dreamt I was kissed by a troll."

"I like it," he says simply.

"So I'm supposed to eat it all. In one bite?"

"Yeah, the whole thing, you got it!"

The crumbcake I had given Hans actually crumbled on him!

"Okay, wait, wait, so you have HOW many brothers?"

"Twelve older brothers," Hans describes. "Three of them pretended I was invisible... literally... for two years."

I can empathize. "That's horrible."

"It's what brothers do," he shrugs it off.

We're silent. "And sisters. Elsa and I were really close when we were little! But... then one day, she just shut me out, and I never knew why."

Hans leans in to me. "I would never shut you out."

"Okay, can I just say something crazy?"

"I LOVE crazy!"


Sorry, song in next chapter! Today has been kinda rough but everyone has those days. I wrote all of this in 30 minutes xD Excuse me if it's awful.

Alright, my lovelies, I'm off! PS If you ever want to talk to me, or idk write a fan letter, just email me! <3ya!


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