questions and dares...

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Xion: ok, let's do this quickly.
Toko: alright, first from EnderPetz1 and it says "1-I dare Hoji to push Wakiya into someone(cough)Xion.
2-I dare Shu to dress like Sasuke from Naruto:Boruto the Movie,yes the weapon is required.
3-I dare everyone else (including the twins) to dress like someone from Pokemon. From any series"
Hoji: sorry, Wakiya. *pushes Wakiya into Xion*
Wakiya: ow!
Xion: get off me.*punches Wakiya*
Shu: so what does this person I have to dress up look like?
Xion: *grabs laptop* like this. *shows Shu*
Shu: ok. *changes in another room* Xion: so with the final dare, does it basically mean the people who didn't get dared?
Valt: I think so.
Shu: *comes out of a room trying to dress like the image below*

Shu: *comes out of a room trying to dress like the image below*

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Sorry if it isn't right. I don't watch Naruto, I've only heard of it.

Xion: hopefully I showed you the right image. So let's go change.
*others that weren't dared change*
Nika: *comes out dressed as Bonnie*
Toko: *comes out dressed as Cress*
Wakiya: *comes out dressed as Clemont because Xion said to*
Valt: *comes out dressed as Ash*
Rantaro: *comes out dressed as Brock*
Ken: *comes out dressed as Virgil*
Daigo: *comes out dressed as N*
Xion: *comes out dressed as Alain*
Toko: next from sanspinkipootheyokai and it says "I have some asks:
Ask1: shu and valt, you realize. Ken is 14 and honcho is 15 according to the wiki.
Ask2: nika don't you have a crush on shu? I rember seeing something about you " swooning " over him also I just know it correct me if I'm wrong
Dare:ken I dare you to talk without your puppets for a week!"
Shu: yeah, I know that.
Valt: same.
Nika: um, uh.
Toko: yes, she does have a crush on Shu. She just didn't want to admit it.
Nika: ...
Ken: *sighs* ok. I'll do my dare.
Toko: from lotrfan4ever and the dare says "I dare wakiya to put his hair in messy bun for a week"
Wakiya: fine *puts his hair in a totally messed up bun*
Toko: ok, so from wolfs16 and the dare says "I dare everyone except xion to face their biggest fear"
Wakiya: why always everyone except Xion?
Xion: because why not.

alt: *totally freaks out*
Xion: what happened?
Toko: had to show him this *shows Xion*
Xion: ok. I need to do something with Wakiya. *grabs Wakiya and takes him into a room*
*short time skip*
Xion: *comes back into the room with Wakiya*
Wakiya: *is in total shock*
Xion: *sees everyone else shocked* what happened?
Valt: w-we were f-facing our fears.
Xion: well, that seems to be right. So next from Demigod_in_Ravenclaw and the dare says "I dare Valt to not eat any bread for a week and everyone else has to admit their crushes"
Valt: why?
Daigo: well, my crush is... Valt.
Shu: I already said I don't have one.
Rantaro: same.
Ken: yeah, me too.
Nika: um...
Toko: she likes Shu. But I don't have a crush.
Xion: me either. I know that Wakiya and Hoji love each other though.
Toko: so from lotrfan4ever again the dare says "go kiss daigo, valt, he loves you"
Valt: ok *turns to kiss Daigo*
Toko: ok so finally from EnderPetz1 again it is a question and it says "I have a question for Wakiya
What if one of us (as in the commenters), were your sibling? Would you be happy or annoyed?"
Wakiya: it all depends on the person though.
Xion: I bet if they were like Hoji he would be happy.
Wakiya: shut it!
Xion: still, thanks for the questions and dares.
Sorry if this is late. I was working a lot on this part. Thanks for reading so far.

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