Chapter 1

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( the picture up top is Hope)
I get out of the ministry car at my home, the burrow. I live here with my 4 out of 7 brothers and one sister. My name is Hope Lilian Weasley. I am the triplet to Fred and George Weasley. The past 5 years I have gone to school at Beauxbaton Academy of Magic in France, but for my last year I disided that I would transfer to Hogwarts to be with my brother's and little sister. I walk up to the door and walk in. " INTRUDER!" I hear a boys voice come from the living room when the door opened. " If I'm an intruder then why do I have red hair?" I ask the person who comes to the door area and once they see me gives me a big hug. " I missed you twiny." They say. " OK, pull back so I can tell witch brother of mine you are." He pulls back and I see that his brother is slightly taller then the other I know. " Freddie!" I say pulling him back into the hug. He start to laugh. " Missed me much?" He asks. " Yes, school in France is no fun without my brother's." I say as I hear footsteps coming to the room from the kitchen. I look up to see Mum waiting with open arms. " Mum!" I say getting out of Fred's arms and running into Mums. " Oh, I missed you dear!" She says. From upstairs I hear a door open the I hear a voice travel down to us. " Is that Hope's voice I hear?" I hear Ron call from upstairs. " No Ronald, I'm the ghost of Christmas past." I say with sarcasm in my voice. It has been a long time since I have been able to talk like this to anyone. At Beauxbaton we have to talk property or don't talk at all. " Did someone say Hope?" I hear Ginny say. " Ginny!" Scream to her. Seconds later she is in my arms hugging me in a tight Weasley hug. " I missed you!" She wipers in my ear.

Time skip

I have been home for 3 hours and nobody has asked about my boyfriend. I mean Ex-boyfriend. He dumbed me for some muggle girl. Sad, I know. Well, I dumped hi when I found him snogging the muggle girl. " So Hope, how is that boyfriend of yours!" Mum asks. Spoke to soon, I think to myself. " We broke up a year ago." I say. They all look at me in surprise. " What ever for?" Mum asks. " I found him cheating on me with some muggle girl." I say acting casual, even though I'm really mad about that. " He cheated on my sister!?!?" Fred asks outraged. " Yes, but now you don't have to worry about me and my first heartbreak." I say. I give a small yawn and say, " I tired, I heading up to bed. Night." I say as I stand up and walk up the stairs to mine, Fred,and George's room. I change into my pajamas and crawl in my bed and fall asleep in seconds.

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