*Chapter Two*

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*Chapter Two*


The clear turquoise waves crashed softly against the sandy white shore of the island, leaving behind a faint trace of white foams where the sand and water had met. A minute crab that was almost transparent in color scurried across the sand, creating a small trail of prints on the wet sand. The wide wings of the seagulls were spread out on either side of them as they soared across the clear, azure sky.

The building across Aurora was old, very old. The bricks were chipped and vines climbed up the wall of the castle. However, all this did nothing to obscure the beauty of the structure. If possible, they just enhanced it. The towering castle was like a skyscraper, shooting up high into the sky. The very top of the castle was veiled by a thick layer of furry, white clouds. A few strange, black bird-like creatures encircled the castle. Everything about that structure seemed enchanting and magical.

A wave of humid, salty air hit Aurora, and she brushed a strand of her midnight black hair back. A smirk graced her lips as her black leather boots clicked on the tortuous stone pathway that gently sloped upwards to a large castle-like structure. She had a good feeling about this. The more magical something is, the more likely it is for him to appear. Her grip tightened on the strap of the shoulder bag she carried.

With a sense of determination, she crossed the wrought-iron gate with confident step, the fancy invitation card held tightly in her right hand. Her footsteps echoed dully around the pathway. Trees that she has never seen before lined up orderly on either side of her. It was as if someone had teleported a castle from a fairytale to the real world.

The door was already open, welcoming all the students who would be studying here. She crossed the threshold with a sort of foreboding feeling. Her heart pumped rhythmically against her chest as her eyes scanned the lavishly decorated interior of the most prestigious school in the country.

She wandered around for a while and tried futilely to find out where she should go.

No such luck.

Aurora fumbled around in her pocket until she found the map that she was given along with the invitation. She halted and almost laughed.

“For god’s sake, is this even English?” she grumbled as she stared at the illegible strange names of the different sections of the castle labeled on the map.

Just as she was about to crumble the paper and toss it on the floor due to her complete exasperation, she saw someone approaching her. Two dimples formed on his cheek as he smiled at her. In three strides, he was in front of her.

“You look lost,” he pointed out.

“I actually am. Can you…uh…tell me where the Chemistry lab is?”

His lips curled into a grin.

“Sure, I actually have the same first lesson. I can take you there.”

Without waiting for a reply, he walked forwards. Having no other choices but to follow him, Aurora quickly caught up.

“I’m Cade by the way. I haven’t seen you around. You’re new, right?”

“Yeah,” she responded, “first year.”

“Cool, if you have any questions or anything, you can ask me. I’m first year myself, but I know a lot people in here,” he winked.

Aurora’s lips twisted up into a smile, and she couldn’t help but wonder if he would still be nice to her if he were to find out who she really was. Aurora could already feel the whispers starting, and at the same time, she could feel dozens of glares being directed at her back.

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