Chapter one:

I’ve been accepted.

I stared at the piece of paper in my hand and re-read the same sentence over and over again trying to let this odd piece of information sink in. How was I accepted to this university? I never applied for it, I’ve never even heard of this place.

I shuffled through the papers and saw the crest of the university on the top of the acceptance paper – Abled University. I furrowed my eyebrows at the name,  kind of name is that for a university? I ran through all the names I could remember of the universities I wanted go to be accepted to and Abled University was not one of them.

I jumped off the kitchen stool I’d been sitting on and walked towards the lounge. Sitting on the sofa was Troy with Serena lying down with her legs flung across his lap. Troy and Serena were my parents’ best friends and raised me up as their own daughter after my parents were killed in a car crash while I was a baby.

“Hey guys, can I ask you a question?” I asked them. They turned their heads at the sound of my voice and switched the television off to give me their full attention. This was something I loved about them. They weren’t even blood related to me and yet they loved me and treated me as though they were my own mom and dad. They were amazing god parents.

“What’s up Shrimp?” Troy asked.

“Come on, really? I’ve had my growth spurt already, no need to call me Shrimp anymore!” I complained but rolled my eyes anyway and continued waving the papers in front of their faces, “Well, I received this acceptance letter but I never-“

“OH MY GOD! You’re finally going! You’re finally going to Abled University!” Serena screamed effectively cutting me off and grabbed the acceptance papers jumping around like a lunatic. Her high pitched squeals were ignored as Troy stood up.

“Congratulations!” he said while giving me a fatherly hug.

“Err, thanks?” I said making it sound more like a question. “But how did I get accepted if I never even applied for it? I’ve never even heard of the place! Did you guys have something to do with this?”

They both obviously knew the place so I was curious how I was secretly accepted. Serena had calmed down by now and wrapped me in a tight hug before sitting down in Troy’s lap. I smiled. Serena was youngish for a guardian but was even younger at heart, sometimes making me feel like the more mature one sometimes.

“No sweety, we didn’t have anything to do with it... but your parents did” she answered my question with unshed tears brimming in her eyes. I froze... my parents?

“My parents? How... how is that possible?” I stammered.

“Maybe you should sit down sweety” Serena suggested. Her childish attitude was gone and she was completely serious as she looked me in the eye ready to answer all my unanswered questions. I sat down and leaned in close. “You remember the talk I had with you about your water abilities?” I nodded.

Ever since before I could remember I’d always loved the water; anything to do with water from swimming in the ocean to washing dishes. Whenever I was surrounded by water I couldn’t help but feel completely serene and at peace. If I was upset or stressed it would soothe me almost like a comforting embrace between a mother and her child.

At the age of 16 I realised I was able to move water, to manipulate the moisture in the air and was even able to freeze just by the simplest movements. I completely freaked out and ran to Serena thinking I was going completely nuts but she calmed me down and explained what I was – I was ‘Water-abled’.  She then continued to explain to me that she and even my mother were Water-abled and that there were many others in the world who were. As well as people who had different abilities.

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