simple question

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~Everyone has logged on~ 

CallMeDaddy: Guys if one of us were going to come out to our parents, who's parents would you think would be the most accepting? 

Docutie: Probably mine 

1004: You're not even gay, DK- 

Docutie: Yeah, that's the point... 

VisualMingyu: I think Vernon's parents would be the most accepting. 

DJBOO: Why do you say that? 

VisualMingyu: Well his parents are foreigners and his mom is white. 

RapperMaknae: Oh, so we're bringing race into this now? 

1004: Calm down guys, let's not get mad at each other. 

RapperMaknae: You're telling me not to get mad at him? Did you not just see what he said? 

1004: I know but we shouldn't fight, precious times are now. 

GentlemenJoshua: It's okay Vernon.. 

Slothwoon: Mingyu, sometimes things are meant to be kept to yourself. 

HoshiTamTam: Even Wonwoo knows what to keep to himself. 

Slothwoon: Never said that, don't put words into my mouth. 

WoOoOozi: Yeah because Mingyu has something else to- 

HoshiTamTam: WOOZI

WoOoOozi: You don't even know what I was going to type down 

HoshiTamTam: I saw where it was headed. 

1004: What's the point on stopping it...we have no one to protect anymore. Our two beloved members aren't innocent anymore. 

Fairy8: Hello? 

MrBlueEarmuffs: Thank you for accepting us and our knew findings about the human body, Jeonghan. 

1004: I am disgusted. Pew, pew. (That was me spitting by the way.) 

Fairy8: I see.. 

RapperMaknae: Are well actually going to ignore what Mingyu said? 

ViusalMingyu: yes

CallMeDaddy: this all started because of my one simple question. 

MaknaeOnTop: Simple things always have complications hyung.. 

WoOoOozi: Oh so now you're calling him hyung? 

GentlemenJoshua: Don't make him call him the other thing Woozi.. 

WoOoOozi: You mean daddy?

GentlemenJoshua: Yes, that. 

CallMeDaddy: Well who's parents would you think be the most strict and would totally go against them being gay? 

GentlemenJoshua: In a way I think mine would.. 

Docutie: Mine wouldn't.

1004: Cause you're not gay

Docutie: I know. 

ViusalMingyu: Good thing I'm not dating Joshua 

1004: What's that suppose to mean?

VisualMingyu: Joshua is a total momma's boy, have you never seen the way he acts when his mother comes to visit? If his parents are the most strict and would be totally against him being gay, then he'd obviously take his parents side. 

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