Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

Paisley came home two days later with a sealed envelope addressed to Kamree. "The office gave me a note," she said as Kamree unlocked Daxton's apartment and guided her inside.

When Kamree remained silent, Paisley panicked. "I promise if I did something I'll make up for it! I'll do chores and whatever I need to. I'm sorry, I'm--"

The distress in Paisley's voice broke her heart. She ran a hand over Paisley's dark hair. "Baby girl, trust me, you're not in trouble."

"But it was from the office and—"

"I know what this is," she said, "and it has nothing to do with you."

When Paisley went off to change out of her school uniform, Kamree leaned against the sink in the kitchen and tore open the letter.

Garrett Park

5th avenue

10 pm


Nothing more than a few words on a single notecard.

He sent this to Paisley's school. Kamree's lips pressed into a line. He knew where she went to school. Knew how to contact her. Knew where they lived.

She shoved it all aside for a moment and focused on making dinner. Tonight would be grilled cheese—something simple. Something she couldn't burn too easily if she spaced out.

She worried the entire night.


Garrett park was a medium sized set of land in the middle of the city. Barely more and half an acre, the park boasted walking paths, a playground, and numerous natural plants, trees, and birds.

Nature's finest, right in the center of the city.

When Paisley was littler, and the opportunity arose, Kamree used to take her to Garrett park to feed the birds. It gave them a chance to escape their father.

Having him choose this location felt like a slap in the face.

There was no gate at the entrance to the park—simply a sign over the top reading "Welcome to Garrett Park."

Hardly anyone was in the area. A few passersby's, but they rushed along the sidewalks outside, eyes open, ears alert. It wasn't illegal to go in the park at night, but people avoided it—at night the park became hunting grounds.

The air was heavy with the threat of rain. Despite the nature around her, some of the smell of city smog tainted the air. In the distance, the low hum of cars speeding past and horns blaring reminded her where she was.

She expected her father to be waiting at the entrance. But he wasn't. She in, her stomach a bundle of nerves.

She followed the walking path until she came to a wooden bench near a batch of some trees. Not only would it be a dumb idea to go traipsing through Garrett park at night, but if she kept walking around, she might never run into her father.

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