Teen! Ike x reader LEMON ((EDITED))

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling this story is a LEMON READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!! But if you a prev like me..read on💜💜~

~Your POV~

Today I was at my boyfriend's house, just cuddling and watching movie's...his parents weren't home they were visiting Kyle in College so...it was just us....

While watching the movie, I felt a hand slip onto my thigh and I blush looking at Ike, he gave me a smirk with the lightest blush. I moved his hand off my thigh and put it on the tent that formed in his pants, he grunted and instantly pinned me down onto the couch. He smirked before putting his lips onto my neck, I moaned while he tried to find my sweet spot,

After finding my sweet spot, he attacked it making me moan louder. He removed his lips from my neck and placed them on mine, We began a heated make out session. I felt his member hit my leg, I reach my hand down to the area and rub him through his pants, he grunts lifting me up and moving we up to is room.

He gently put me on the bed without disconnecting our lips, he removed his lips from mine and took off his shirt and mine too, he began to remove my bra and I blush madly, he kissed my cheek and moved down to my breasts. He mouth hovered over my nipple, he massaged my other breast and I moaned his name.

After massaging my breasts, he started to kiss down my stomach and he removed my pants along with my panties. I blushed, he rubbed a finger on my clit and I moan really loud, I felt his finger slid into me. "Excited are we?" he said I blushed and he started to remove his pants and boxers, he put his member at my entrance, he looked at me before entering and I nodded.

He slowly entered and I moaned, he slowly started to thrust inside me. I felt the bubble in my stomach grow, he started to thrust faster and harder, I was a moaning mess and he was grunting every so often. "Harder! ahhh~ father Ike" I moaned out in pleasure, he moved harder and faster making the bubble in my stomach grow larger.

"I'm about to cum" he moaned out, after a few more thrusts, he quickly pulled out and cumming onto my stomach


He moved down to my clit and started to tongue fuck me, I moaned loudly and gripped onto his hair forcing him to suck on my clit. The bubble in my stomach grow again, it grows rapidly. It busted and I moaned out his name. "(y/n) the best sex ever" Ike said I chuckled. "I have a problem," Ike said, I raised an eyebrow and looked down, he was hard again.


We just finished round 2 and I was cuddled up to Ike, we were covered in sweat and trying to regain ours breathes. "I love you (Y/n)" like said

"Love you too," I said falling asleep on his shoulder.

~Hope you liked it, I was writing this on the bus and a boy looked over my shoulder and looked horrified #embarrassed and thanx for the 5k reads!! ~ 

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