Chapter 3

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Percy's POV

Nico crumbled to the ground right when they got there. Percy knew that Nico was exhausted from shadow traveling across the Atlantic Ocean all the way over to London.

That morning, the eight demigods had met Chiron at the arena like they had been told. It was early but all of them were up and awake because of the excitement. They had quickly packed and quietly went over to the arena without waking any of the other campers. After they had gathered around in a circle Chiron said to them, "You will go to London first. That is where you will get your supplies for the school. Find the Leaky Cauldron, it will be your way into Diagon Alley, where you will be shopping." He handed Annabeth a list, "These are the things that all of you will need for the school year."

The girls looked at each other and smiled. They were definitely overjoyed about the shopping part. Even Percy was curious about it too. What kind of stuff would they sell in the world of magic?

Chiron went on, "After that, you will go to Kings Cross Station and get onto the train on platform 9 and 3/4 at eleven o'clock. Here are your tickets." He gave a slip of paper to each of the demigods.

"Wait, I don't think there is a 9 and 3/4. There shouldn't be anything in between platform 9 and 10," stated Annabeth looking down at her ticket.

"I'm sorry but I don't know a lot about the wizarding world either. You will have to figure things out as you go. Sadly, I cannot be much help to you with this quest, even though I wish that I could help out more. However, Hecate is willing to lend you magic for this quest."

"So we'll know all the spells and stuff?" Percy asked.

"No, you will have to learn that at the school, but you will have the ability to be able to preform the kind of magic that they use. A kind that you would otherwise not be able to do."

The half-bloods nodded and kept listening.

"Back to what I was saying before. The train will take you to Hogwarts, where you will be spending the school year. Get to know about their world more and learn about their way of life," Chiron said, "Now it is time for you all to go."

Now they were at London, Nico was unconscious and they couldn't even find the Leaky Cauldron. Hazel knelt down next to him, and Frank handed her a piece of ambrosia, who then gave it to Nico, bit by bit. They waited for him to open his eyes, and when he did he sat up and looked around. "Did we make it to the right place, or did we end up in China?"

"We're in London, Nico." Hazel reassured him kindly and gave him a kiss on the forehead, "We just need to find the Leaky Cauldron, but we're having a hard time spotting it."

Jason tried to help Nico get up but he stood up by himself, "thanks but no thanks," he muttered.

They walked around for a while until Piper stopped, "I thought I saw it for a second." She squinted and gasped. "There! You have to look carefully, it's like the mist," she pointed between two normal buildings, but when they looked at it more carefully like Piper had told them to, they could see an old shaggy pub.

"So that's the building? Not the kind I was imagining but I guess we should try going inside," Leo said.

They walked through the door, and saw some very odd looking people in pointed hats and long robes. A man at the counter saw them, "Well some of you look under aged so I'm guessing your on your way to Diagon. Am I correct?"

"Yes sir," Annabeth answered.

"And you know how to get there with the brick wall?"

"No sir," Percy answered this time.

The bartender wiped his hands and through a towel onto his shoulder, "Follow me, I'll get you there."

He lead them to the wall that he had mentioned. The man got out a wand and tapped on some of the bricks. To Percy and his friends' surprise, the solid wall had turned into an archway, revealing many bustling shoppers and stores. The bartender smiled, "Hoped that helped," and went back to the counter to serve his customers.

"Wow," said Percy. The stores weren't selling ordinary items that you might find in the mortal world. They were selling broomsticks, potion ingredients, interesting pets, and many many more different things.

They walked around for a few minutes until Frank asked a question, "What are we supposed to buy?"

Annabeth took out the list that Chiron had given her, "It says here that we need to go the the bank to get our wizard money."

The eight of them walked towards Gringotts, what was obviously the bank, but on their way there somebody was shoved against Percy, "Watch where you're going dude." The guy who had run into him seemed to be about his age. He was skinny, had light blonde hair, and had a look on his face that many of the bullies Percy knew also had.

The guy quickly got up and brushed the dirt off his clothes with his hands, "Kind of hard to watch where your going when someone shoves you."

"Sorry about him, he can be a huge pain at times," said a red-headed person, also about his age.

There was another guy standing next to him. He had jet-black hair, green eyes, and round glasses. "Yea, sorry about that. Malfoy is really annoying and-"

"Just shut up, I have some words that I could use to describe the two of you too," the blonde haired kid said.

Percy didn't want to get into a fight this early; it hadn't even been an hour since they had entered the wizarding world. "I'm just getting my stuff for school. I'd be nice if I wouldn't be bothered right now."

He walked away and joined his friends again.

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