Part 36*

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Ramnath clears his throat. Shravan and Sumo realize that the entire family was in the room. Sumo lefts go of Shravan and her cheeks turn red in embarrassment.

Pushkar: Guys we are still in the room! So please, continue your romance at home when you are alone. (smirking)

Shravan: Shut up Pushkar!!

Nirmala: Suman Beta? How are you feeling now?

Sumo: (not knowing how to respond to her) Uhh....(silently) better.

Ramnath: (understanding the tension) Suman beta, I have to tell you something.

Sumo: (relieved) Yes Papa?

Ramnath: 2 things beta. First of all thank you.

Suman: (confused) Thank you?

Ramnath: Because of you, Shravan is safe and alive right now. Suman beta, thank you for saving my son.

Suman: Papa please.

Ramnath: No Suman, let me talk. I really mean it. And the second this is that now your are a part of my family. You are like a daughter to me. So please, don't you dare put yourself in such a dangerous situation again! And if you do, then you will see the worst of me! (lovingly scolding her)

Sumo: Sorry Papa. I won't do anything like that again. And Papa, I didn't do anything. So please don't thank me. Because I did it for myself, I can't live without Shravan. I didn't save his life, I saved mine. (smiling at Shravan)

Shravan: Don't you dare do anything like that again!! You do understand Sumo? You have no idea how scared I was. (stressed) I thought I almost lost you.

Pushkar: Guys! I think that it's time to celebrate! After all our mission is accpomeished!!


Preeti, Pushkar, Shravan, and Sumo all do a group hug. The rest of the family member's smile at the kids. Sumo glances at Nirmala and feels uncomfortable. She felt bad for her, but at the same time,s he hated Aditya. As much as she hated separated and son and mother, she wished to never see Aditya out of jail. 

Nirmala: Suman Beta, I wanted to say sorry on behalf of Aditya. I hope you can forgive him and----

Sumo's smile falls. Shravan sees this and is about to say something when Ramnath intervenes.

Ramnath:(in a stern voice) Nirmala, I told you that we will not talk about this.

Sumo: Ma----

Shravan: Sumo, you don't need to say anything! (strictly forbidding her and glaring at Nirmala)

Nirmala: Sorry Beta, it's ok. Don't worry about it! We will talk about all of this later. Right now, your well being is the most important thing.

Kamini: Yes Suman Puttar, right now you need to get well as soon as possible so we can bring you into our house and keep you forever!

Lalaji: (joking) And so we can eat new dishes everyday!!

Pushkar: Lalaji!!

Lalaji: What?! I am happy at least one of the women in the house will be a good cook! You have no idea how we are surviving without you Suman.

Sumo: (laughing) Don't worry Lalaji, I will make you new dishes everyday!

Shravan: Don't even think about it Sumo! I am not letting you put any stress on yourself!! And I am not tolerating your stubbornness anymore!!

Sumo: But Shravan----

Shravan: NO!! Don't say a word! (getting serious)

The conversation is interrupted by a phone call on Nirmala's phone. She looks at her phone and puts it on silent. This goes unnoticed by everyone in the family except Ramnath.

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