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Emily POV

I wake up, as I do every morning, and find that my comforter has trapped me in a cocoon. Get off me you fiend! I think to myself playfully until I lay back down for more sleep, only to be interrupted.

"Emily! The girls are here!"

I groan.


Pressing my face against my soft, white, fluffy pillow, I curse myself, then pull my body to it's feet, sighing.


"Coming Mom! Jeez!"

I move with sloth as I throw on black skinny jeans with a white and red baseball tee, topping the ensemble off with a black beanie. My vans hug my feet while I swiftly do my hair, light makeup and brush my teeth. Within another 10 seconds, I am at my front door with my bag, "see you guys."

"Wait Emily! Breakfast?"

I look at my mother who is watching me worriedly, so I smile, "Hanna has food. Bye! Love you!" I run out of the house and groan, shaking my head while I come up to the white Jeep Wrangler. One of my best friends, Hanna Marin smirks at me, "morning sexy. Get in!" She slaps my ass and hops into the seat beside me once I get in, shutting the door behind me.

Hanna hands me my usual bagel and coffee when Aria Montgomery, my other best friend, looks at me from my far left, "hey Em. Wake up late?"

I nod slightly, "sorry. I was up late."

Spencer Hastings, our chauffeur of our daily school drives, and by far the smartest one out of our friend group grins, "that's fine. But if we end up in a crappy parking spot, it's on you Fields." She smiles through the rearview mirror as she giggles.

She hits Spencer playfully in the arm while shaking that heart-shaped head of hers. "Oh come on Spence. Cut her some slack. She was only up so late because she was face-timing. With me. Isn't that right Ems?"

I stare at the blonde haired beauty while she defends me. My head nods, remembering our call last night. She was crying because of Noel...again.

I swear, all he does is hurt her. I just don't get why she puts up with him all the time, and half the other guys who screwed her over.

But she's Alison DiLaurentis.

I know her better than anyone else knows her.

Sometimes better than she knows herself.

She wants to be loved. She wants so desperately to feel that spark with someone but, she doesn't. She hasn't ever and I worry about her so much because she just wants that one person to care for she goes back to Noel the second he says "sorry" in the most BS way possible. But she doesn't care. As long as someone is there.

But what she doesn't realize is that I'm here. She could never be alone and she is loved. So, so deeply.

She has me. I could never imagine my life without the blessing that is Alison Lauren DiLaurentis in it. Because no matter what happens or where we are, I cannot stop thinking about her. Her with those beautiful, heart melting blue eyes.

I stare at the angel sent to me directly from heaven and nod, "yeah. We were talking for a while."

Hanna, nosy as she is, raises an eyebrow, "what about?"

Out of the corner of my eye, I can see Ali stiffen. Noting the uncomfortable vibe from her, I shrug, "school stuff. She didn't understand the take-home test for Pre-Calc. I helped her out."

I look over to discover that Alison has relaxed, turning her head to me with a look billowing with relief and gratefulness. Her mouth speaks without words as I read the "thank you" from her lips right before she reaches her hand behind her seat on the right.

I meet hers and lace our fingers together, her hand gripping mine, desperately seeking a form of comfort. So, I squeeze back supportingly. My thumb grazes the blonde's skin on the back of her hand, rubbing in circular patterns in a way to soothe her.


When we arrive at school, the girls have already walked towards the building but I notice Alison straggling behind, stopping to stare. I drop my smile into a frown, walking over to the girl curiously, "Al?"

Her eyes flicker to mine, helping me quickly notice the tears filling up her gorgeous blues. "How could he just..." sobs " quickly?"

I follow her gaze and spot the scene.

Noel, with a girl.

A girl that is definitely not Alison. He's with Jenna Marshall. Not only that, but their tongues are down each other's throats. I scrunch my face up in disgust, then snap back to the broken girl beside me.

I take her hand and pull her toward school, barging into a bathroom. I look under the stalls and nod, locking the door to assure it is just the two of us in here. I pull her into my arms, letting her know she can let it all out.

And she does.

Her body shakes while she sobs into my chest, hugging me so tight, almost as if she is scared I will let her go and never come back. I rub her back and close my eyes, "you're okay. I'm right here."

And that was that.

The ongoing day was just uneventful. I fell asleep in 2 classes today and now here we are in the cafeteria. Lunch time.

I sit at our usual table while we all make jokes and laugh. Every now and then I steal a glance at Alison. She's smiling again but has moved closer to me by every minute.

"Noel! Stop!" Jenna Marshall squeals while Noel kisses her neck, laughing with her.

Alison mumbles something and looks away, biting down on her lip. Before she started to cry and be vulnerable in public like I know she hates, I slip my hand under the table and splay it out.

The blonde beauty notices my gesture and mirrors my movements, enlacing our fingers together. I stare at our clasped hands and smile the slightest bit. 

And, when I look up at Ali, she is too.


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