First Flight

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"Don't you DARE let go," Damian hissed, holding onto Jon's ankle with one hand.
"I'm not planning on it," Jon mumbled, holding tightly onto a slowly crumbling precipice just barely sticking out of the canyon wall they had fallen down. There were bats everywhere, and if they were to wake up, they would definitely fall. It was hard to stay quiet in such a nerve-wracking situation, but they were trying their best.
"Are you sure you can't get us out?" Damian asked. "You can't jump or fly?"
"You're holding onto my ankle!" Jon whisper-yelled, glaring down at him. "And you know I can't fly consistently!"
"You have to," Damian growled, glaring back at him. "We're stuck, and we'll die if we fall."
"I can't do it," Jon said, shaking his head and looking back up into the light above, sounding more scared. "It's too far. We'll never make it." Damian sighed, looking away from Jon.
"I think you're...strong," he mumbled.
"What?" Jon asked, looking back down at him in surprise.
"You're strong, Kent," Damian repeated, looking back up at him. "You can get us out of here. I know it." He smiled a little, and Jon beamed back for a second before looking confidently upwards.
"Im strong," he repeated to himself.
"You are," Damian replied. "And you can save us." He held tighter to Jon's ankle in preparation, his other hand set on his grappling gun. "You can fly, Kent. You can do it."
"I can do it," Jon breathed, preparing to push off of the wall, bracing his free foot against the rock wall. "I can do it. I can't, I can't do it." He shook his head and scrunched his eyes shut. "Damian, I can't."
"Damnit, Jon, yes you can!" Damian yelled, quieting down when he heard the rustles and squeaks of bats waking below. "You can. I... I believe in you."
"You do?" Jon said, looking down at him and smiling wide. "Really?"
"Of course I do," Damian replied, his tone softening. "I've always believed in you." Jon felt his heart leap in his chest, and suddenly, he felt like he could touch the sky. So he tried. He pushed off of the rock wall. Before he knew it, they were out of the canyon and in the wide open sky, and boy, did it feel great. At least, until he heard Damian yelling at him as he plummeted towards the ground.
"Uh oh," Jon mumbled, stopping his upwards trajectory and angling himself downwards, flying down towards the ground and flipping over to land on his feet, ignoring the cracks in the ground he made and jumping up to catch Damian before he hit the ground, landing gently back down and holding Damian bridal style, smirking down at him. "Gotcha." Damian stared up at Jon, seemingly stunned, for a couple seconds before shaking his head and rolling out of Jon's arms, landing on his feet and turning to face Jon.
"That was...impressive," he said, nodding a couple times and hoping the blush heating his ears and cheeks wasn't noticeable in the moonlight.
"Thanks," Jon replied, smiling at him, panting slightly because of his still racing heart. "It was fun. I can't wait to show my dad."
"I'm sure he will be proud," Damian said.
"Well, I couldn't have done it without you," Jon laughed, wrapping an arm around Damian's shoulders and starting to walk with him back to where his motorcycle was hidden. "You really meant all of those things, right?" Damian scoffed, giving Jon a look and hoping he had stopped blushing, since his entire body was now hot for some reason.
"No," he said. "I just did it to get us out." Jon gave Damian a skeptical yet playful look.
"Sure," he said sarcastically.
"I didn't," Damian snapped, shoving him away gently, but firmly enough to hopefully prove his point.
"You believe in me," Jon kept on. "You said so, like, three times."
"No," Damian said firmly, his blush becoming obvious again. Hopefully Jon found that attractive. Wait, what was he thinking? "I don't. I think you're annoying."
"It sure sounded like you meant it down there," Jon teased, nudging him back. "Come on, you like me. Just say it."
"Kent, silence yourself before I do it," Damian growled, stopping and giving him a glare. Jon looked back at him for a couple seconds.
"You never said you didn't-" he started, but Damian interrupted him.
"We're going home," he snapped, turning and walking faster back towards his motorcycle, putting on his helmet as quickly as possible and hoping Jon didn't notice his blush beforehand. Jon smirked to himself as he walked up as well, pulling his helmet on and getting on behind Damian and holding onto him, who drove off back towards Metropolis as soon as they were both settled.
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