Chapter LXXI

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"Edna? Are you taking care of my daughter like I asked?" Mother asked Edna who nodded and smiled

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"Edna? Are you taking care of my daughter like I asked?" Mother asked Edna who nodded and smiled.

"Yes Mrs. Theresa."

"Blessings upon you Edna! Never let him near her, never, I told you he won't do," mother spoke of Mr. Henry no doubt after hugging Edna.

"How do you like it here?" I asked mother but she shook her head.

"I do not, would you take me with you? They hate, only hate, only hate."

"What? Why do they hate you?"

"Because of the screams, oh the screams all night long,  they have silenced everything except the screams and now they wish to silence my past, do not let them please if I lose my past I shan't exist."

"Oh mother of course not."

"Milady?" Edna asked.

"I shall take you home, we will depart from here today."

"You were always good, too good, you have loved me and God will reward you for loving me."

"Of course I will always love you mother."

Though I knew it would displease everyone and although I had no assurance of its safety I could not bear to see my own mother treated like a prisoner so I set out to free her now that the soundness of her mind was better. For the money I was paying it would have been expected for my mother to have a nice room and be living in better conditions, her fire was out and then I noticed some cuffs and chains that came down from the walls.

"Edna call the nurse immediately, we are taking her home."

"Yes milady," Edna hurried away and I just brushed mother's messy black hair backwards as we embraced each other waiting to be helped out of there.

"You cannot take her milady, she is not fully well yet," the nurse stormed back in the room.

"I understand but she is not a prisoner here so I wish to take her back please."

"Miss you should not interrupt the treatment, who knows what it could do to her."

"Please will you be so kind as to get me her release?"

"I cannot even if you wanted to, it says here only two people may sign her out are her sister or her son."

"Why Daniel or my aunt Mrs. Green? That is very strange, surely my name should be there too."

"I see no Daniel here or Mrs. Green, it says Lady Johnson Walker and her son Mr. Henry Walker."

"He is here? No take him away! Take Mr. Henry away from my daughter!" Mother began to shout and the nurse was ready to restrain her.

"But she is my mother, this woman is my mother, see, look at her, look at me!" I was trying to point out the facial similarities confused as to this huge misunderstanding.

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