Twenty One

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Let them or else

Let them or else...

I was very lazy and tired. That's why I was underneath the sheets with Mariah since morning. This was not something I was intending to do on a Saturday. I stroked my hand underneath her chin, and stared at her closed eyes. "I know you're looking at me," she said.

"At how beautiful you are," I said. She groaned and turned herself away from me. We were completely naked under the sheets and seeing how crazy my enemies were, they could find another way to get in and distract me. I got out from the bed, took a shower and got on my clothes without needing the aid from Justin.

"Babe are you trying to stay in bed all day or do you want to come with me on an errand?"

"I will come," she said, rolling underneath the sheets.

"I will be in the office waiting on you." I walked to my office and when I got there uncle had something smart to say to me.

"My King, you've been slacking lately," Humphrey said, next to my desk. "You stayed in bed until one and it's currently two. We had to do something today." We had to meet with the Walsh family because they had insights on the black masks.

"I will do it the next day. I am sorry," I said. I ran my hand through my hair, and touched a random item on my desk.

"You shouldn't have married until you solve everything. I knew a woman like Mariah was a distraction. Something bad is coming to us and you need to act in great haste."

I knocked my fists hard on the desk. "I am your King. It's not the other way around. I do what I want to do. You do what I say to do."

Humphrey shook his head, and played with the cuffs of his shirt. "Being in bed with the Queen most of the day will not solve your problems, my King."

"It's not your business what I do in my bedroom uncle," I yelled. "This is my privacy."

My hand went in claws before I prehended a fistful of my hair. This man was getting on my every nerve and if it wasn't for the oath that he signed with my father by being involved in the castle's duties, I would have sent him away.

He kept shaking his head and laughed. "You're a teenage boy with raging hormones and whose little brain is only thinking of one thing in particular. That's why I was angry at the death of your father." Spit came out from his mouth and this time I could see how much anger he had.

"Uncle you're arguing with the wrong person today," I said. He stopped shaking his head and kept his eyes on me. I grinned, and sat down on my desk.

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