Chapter Thirty-One

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Songs for this chapter are:

Apologize - Timbaland

Die In Your Arms - Justin Bieber


Justin's POV

We walked outside of the hotel, the frantic moment with Virginia just a couple minutes ago made me want to bang my head against the concrete ground.

God, she was such a bitch. I hailed a taxi, my other hand finding Brooke's warm one for comfort. The taxi stopped in front of us, and I quickly got in. Virginia annoyingly pushed Brooke out of the way to get the middle seat. I rolled my eyes, I honestly couldn't care less about what she does.

My mind seemed to zone out, and Virginia turned to me and started talking. Her rough hand trailed down my arm and I gave her a hard glare. My mind then flashed to Brooke, squirming underneath my touch last night. I licked my lips, my eyes trained on Virginia, but my mind was elsewhere. I felt my eyes cloud with lust, just thinking about Brooke.

I finally snapped out of it when the taxi rolled to a stop, Brooke quickly exiting the taxi first. She seemed so frantic and upset, I felt my eyebrows pull together. Was she okay?

We walked through the crowded airport and took a seat just by the boarding of the plane. A few passengers in the lower class seats boarded the plane, while Brooke, Virginia and I sat waiting for first class to be called on. Brooke looked so deep in thought, her blonde eyebrows furrowed closely together, and she stared off into space in front of her.

"Kitten? Are you alright?" I asked. I placed my arm around her shoulder, but she wiggled away from my grip. Now it was my turn to frown, my eyes glassy with confusion.

"Yeah, just, tired." She shrugged carelessly. I pursed my lips, but nodded anyways. I pulled her head to lean against my chest. Her body tensed, but she didn't pull away.

The flight attendant finally called our row and the three of us boarded the plane. Virginia walked in first, taking the window seat. I quickly sat down in the middle seat, I didn't want Virginia feeding Brooke shit about me the whole flight. I wrapped my arm around Brooke's shoulder's, but Virginia leant her head against my chest.

I decided to wait until she fell asleep to push it off, so I didn't have to deal with her fucking hissy fits. I didn't want to have to hear her squeaky little voice complain about how she wanted to rest her head against me.

I tried to pull Brooke closer to me, as she seemed to want to fall asleep, however she turned away and placed her head in the palm of her hand. Her eyes closed, and her back faced me.

Was she angry at me?

Was it because I lost control on Virginia at the hotel?

Virginia finally fell asleep and I slowly eased her head off of me, and onto the window sill. She wiggled a bit, clutching onto the window sill. Fucking desperate bitch.

I pulled out my phone, and typed in Tyler's number.

'Hey Tyler, or Reckless, whatever you prefer, it's Justin.
I really need you to come down to New York, it's an emergency.
I'll tell you more about it when you get down here.

Call me when you land.


I clicked send, and placed my phone back into the pocket of my black skinny jeans. I leaned my head against the back of the seat, my eyes trained on Brooke's sleeping figure.

Suddenly, my eyes caught a hold of a white slip of paper in Brooke's pocket.

What the fuck?

Was it that stupid boy's number from the train? I knew something was going on.

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