Story by sudha murty

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Hello silent readers I think many of you are familiar with the story as its the 1st chapter of 9th class's CBSE book ...........,..............
Please do nice comments about this short inspirational story of a sudha murty and her grand mother how she taught her to read
So sudha starts with:
1. When I was a girl of about twelve , I used to stay in a village in north Karnataka with my grand parents . Those days, the transport system was not very good, so we use to get the morning paper only in afternoon .The weekly magazine use to come one day late .All of us would wait eagerly for the bus, which used to come with the papers, weekly magazines and the post.
2. At that time , triveni was a very popular writer in Kannada language. She was a wonderful writer. Her style was easy to read and very convincing. Her stories usually dealt with complex psychology problems in the lives of ordinary people and were always very interesting. Unfortunately for Kannada literature, she died very young . Even now, after forty years, people continue to appreciate her novels.
3. One of her novels, called" kashi Yatre", was appearing as a serial in the Kannada weekly karmaveera . it is the story of an old lady and her adrent desire to go to kashi or Varanasi. Most Hindus believe that going to kashi and worshipping
Lord Vishweshwara (lord vishnu) is the ultimate punya . This old lady also believe in this savouring .her struggle to go there was describe in that novel. In the story , there was also a young orphan girl who fall in love but there was no money for her wedding  in their end ,the old lady gives away all her savings without going to kashi . She says , 'The happiness of this orphan girl is more important than worshipping Lord Vishweshwara at kashi .'
4. My grandmother, krishtakka, never went to school so she could not read. Every Wednesday, the magazine would come and I would read the next episode of this story to her. During that time ,she would come and she  would forget all her work and listen with the gr8 concentration . Later , she could repeat the entire story by heart . My grandmother too never went to kashi and she identified her self with the novel's protagonist. So more than anybody else  she was the one most interested in knowing what had happened next in the story and used to insist that I read the serial out to her.
5.After hearing what had happened next in Kashi Yatre , she would join her friends at the temple court yard where we children would also gather to play hide and seek . she would discuss the latest episode with
her friends . At that time , I never understood why there was so much of debate about the story
6.Once I went for a wedding with my cousins to neighborhood village.In those days , a wedding was a great event . We children enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.
We would eat and play endlessly , savouring the freedom because all the elder were busy .I went for couple of the days but ended up staying there for a week .
When I came back to my village ,I saw my grand mother in tears .I was surprised, for I had never seen her cry even in the most difficult situations. What had happened? I was worried .
( then let's check out what make her grand ma cry)
To be continued.............................

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