Chapter 6

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A finger came shooting around the door with a sign saying shush. Casey held the two girls almost to comfort her more than them. "Go away,the NYPD will hunt you down and kill you miserably." Casey said trying to be brave. A voice belonging to the finger responded so quick,to quick. "Cas?" Casey heard the fimialair voice and ever so quietly "Elliott?,Is that really you?" "Yea guys okay?" "How did you,when did you,is everybody okay" was all Casey managed to say. Elliott picked up Taylor and Casey picked up Paisley and they started downstairs still in shock that Elliot was back. "So when did you become a nanny" Elliott said jokingly. "Since YOUR old partner became MY new client" Casey said with a big smile on her face." "Wait, Liv had a b-ba..." "A baby,Liv had Paisley." Elliot was shocked his main question was who was the father.

When they got down stairs, what they saw was horrible. 3 unis were dead, Olivia was out cold and Fin was putting pressure on Amanda's upper thigh. Nick,Cragen and Munch were out chasing the man who did this. After the medics came in,the unis were taken away and Liv was up and taken to the hospital,but not knowing Elliott was there, and the girls finally settled down, Casey asked Elliott why he had come back.

"Well, actually I came down here to see Liv, we haven't talk, and I left un fairly, I needed to apologize. I was coming up the elevator when I heard shots." just then Cragen walked in to check on Casey and the girls.  "Elliott?" he said in a almost whispering voice. "Hey ol' Cap" Elliott said trying lighten the mood. "I think you should go see Liv and Fin, they probably ready wanna see you, they are down at Mercy."

___________________________MERCY HOSPITAL__________________________

The whole drive there Elliott was trying to figure out what he was gonna say. He open her hospital room door. She was lying there staring at the ceiling, she is gorgeous he thought to himself. "Hey there" Elliott said. "Elliott?" "is that all I'm gonna get round' here, 'Elliott'" he said in his same mocking voice. She cracked a smile and said 'get over here's.

"So what did the guy want with you guys anyways" This was gonna be really hard to tell him she was raped twice. But it had to get done sooner or later. Elliott saw Liv tearing up as she prepared to share her 2 rapes to her old best friend. "Liv, you okay?" "No, No I'm not"she said throwing her arms around him. " About 4/12 years ago,I was raped...He g-got me pregnant with Pasiley. He said he would be back but I didn't take it too seriously because we were both really drunk... I didn't think he would remember." She said sobbing. "Two days ago...I was raped again. I wasn't sure if it was the same man...but...I was raped. He said we would all pay for putting him away." Liv said trying with everything she had left to keep her together. He showed up today and...and shot at us,Eliott I'm scared." Liv said now having completely lost it. Elliott was in total shock his partners for 14 years had been raped twice. " I'm sorry Liv...I really am" She calmed down a bit,he told her that Casey had Paisley at her apartment and she would be fine. He was lying down with her watching TV, "Who's the blonde chick?" He said. Olivia sat straight up "Amanda!"


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