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Pen Your Pride

She Makes Dirty Words Sound Pretty - 13

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"Thanks for being here. I know you don't exactly want to be at this dinner but it means a lot to me, so thank you." Logan Bradley leaned over and whispered into my ear.

            I glanced down and smiled. He was right. Being at his father's formal business dinner was the last thing I wanted. But all his father's clients had a dinner date they brought along (which were mostly their wives, considering they were relatively middle aged) and he wanted his son, future owner of his company, to have one too.

            "I don't mind." I said. "I like to dress up." I had chosen a royal blue silky dress that hung loosely in the right places. I straightened my hair and decorated it with a thin silver jeweled headband.

            Logan pushed a strand of hair behind my ear. "You look beautiful."

            I smiled again. He was really being sweet. No matter how angry I really was inside with what he did, I couldn't stay mad on the outside.

            "How precious." A silvery-black haired woman cooed, reaching out to touch her husband's arm. "Look, darling. Remember when we were like that?"

            Her husband glanced over at her and smiled. "Still are." He gave her hand a little squeeze and turned back to his conversation. The woman sighed, a smile tugging at the corner of her lips.

            I turned to Logan. "I think she thinks we're dating." I whispered.

            "Might as well be." He winked. "Which reminds me, I have something to tell you."


            "I broke up with Samantha." I almost choked on my water. He cracked a smile, winking at me. "It wasn't working out. Besides, I think she may have cheated on me." His smile faded into a frown and he turned away. "I'm not sure but its just what I heard."

            My heart sunk to my chest. Logan was obviously upset that Samantha had cheated him. I wanted to be mad at her for hurting him. I wanted to comfort him and tell him that it she wasn't worth the hurt. But the thing was, I couldn't. I did the same thing. I was just as low and dirty as she was. Sure, technically we'd only kissed but it didn't matter. Cheating was cheating.

            I was feeling a little nauseous now.

            "I'm sorry." I whispered.

            He shook his head. "It's fine. It's not your fault. Besides, you'd know partly why if you remembered our second phone call." He winked. "Oh, and that night with you and the other girl at the party...I wasn't cheating on Sam. We were on a break then. So don't feel bad, because you look kind of guilty."

            Before I could say anything, Logan's stepmom interrupted. "Elena, sweetie, tell us how you met my stepson." She smiled at me and propped her chin upon her laced fingers. Wow, his family was so proper.

            I sighed. "Hmm." All eleven other pairs of eyes at the dinner table were now on me. "We met in gym class, freshman year."

            "How nice." His stepmother smiled. "But you just started hanging around him now. How did you two meet again?"

            I looked at Logan with panic. "Hm, let me think." I said aloud. He widened his eyes and then pulled out his phone, typing furiously. What was I supposed to say? He'd called my work which happened to be a phone sex line? Or maybe I could tell her how we'd started to hookup at a party.

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