Chapter 6

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I stayed outside successfully skipping Spanish class. I made my way over to my next class which was........LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

I made my way to the table where the squad usually sat. We were the only people that day near the edge of the school lot. But before I went there I walked to towards where every one is and said "hi guys!!!"

Taylor like usual jumped, Michelle almost stabbed me in the eye and Keren and Trinity were unfazed. 

"Where were you?"asked Michelle

"Outside"I answered nonchalantly. It wasnt anything to me cause I would usually do this. Someone then bumped into me and didn't even bother saying sorry. When i looked who it was I wasn't even surprised anymore. I walkes over to the guy, tapped his shoulder, and when he turned to look I punched him. 

"What the?- The fuck was that for?!" He said.

"Annoying ass bitch" I mumbled under my breath and went to the table to sit. As I was about to sit down I was lifted off the ground in a red aura and thrown down harshly again.

Now he done screwed up. I got up and went over to Sans who was just sitting there (A/N: I was kinda tempted to put just shitting there instead of just sitting there) smirking like he won a million bucks. I was almost about to punch him but he picked me up off the ground again and threw me down harshly. I think I even heard a crack that time. He startes to laugh right at me. I took this distraction as an opportunity to run over and punch him straight in the ribs. 

Now since we were outside we really couldn't get caught by the teachers. They never bother to go out here. Fights start here everyday. Fights like the one happening right now. 

"You little"he said i was then slammed on to a tree. I coughed up blood die to the harsh impact and I also lost my breath for a second. I fell to the ground but i just couldn't stop myself can i? I picked up a rock and ran over to him about to bash his skull more open than it should be.

Sans had his arm out again ready to pull me into the air again but befire i could throw the rock at him or even hit him a tall shadow walked behind him 


"Oh! Uhh" Sans was starting to sweat up "no-nothing br-boss." A nervous grin made its way to his face.

While he was distracted and getting scolded by his sibling I snuck away and back to the table I was about to sit in before. 

I quietly sat down and said hi to everyone. Taylor got surprised by me being there and said "Jesus in the morning" I laughed at that and sat there quietly trying to eavesdrop on the two bickering. I couldnt hear Sans voice only the other one's. He was the one I said what the fuck do you want to. I gave up once my tries to hear both voices failed. I just turned around and talked with Michelle starting with Sebastian X Levi. Her face turned red enough to put tomatoes to shame.

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