Chapter 4

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Walking back into class I made way to my seat and guess who was still following me? If you guessed Sans ding ding ding you are correct.

Okay this guy was annoying me now "You can stop following me now" I told him and sat in my seat

"Hmmmmmmm" he said pretending to think "no" he said taking the seat to my right 'annoying bastard' 

A few minutes later the bell rang and it was time for my next class. Biology with Trinity.

As i was walking i felt someone's eyes bahind me. I turned and said "what the hell do ya want creep?"

"Nuthin much, just where biology is"  Sans said

'Why does life hate me?' I growled a little and walked the opposite of the room trying to skip class until Trinity saw me and sarted to drag me again like it was computer. "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!" I said not wanting to go to class. I got out og her grip and ranto Sans, grabved his hood and let Trinity drag me to class. But she didn't. She looked at me and my hand then said "(Y/N) let go of him"

"No" I said then told her that he was the new kid and that he also had biology next. 

"Just let go of him (Y/N)" I let go and walked the opposite of class hoping she wouldn't notice. Trinity being her did notice and dragged me all the way to the room. I struggled the whole way but gave up. I saw Sans following us, he was laughing. I glared at him and said "you find this shit funny huh?"

"Nothin' funnier than a person being dragged against their will" he said. Only now did I notice his accent. He had an accent that sounded almost like a New York or New Jersey one and a deep voice. 'Not a bad vpice for a jerk' I thought. 'It suits him and his 'fuck you I don't care' attitude'.

Once we were in the room Trinity sat on my right and Sans took the seat next to another skeleton with a shirt that says "blood and gore will kdep the score" I didnt get the shirt but those knee high combat boots are pretty cool. 

I looked away as Dr.Clarke our biology teacher started to tell us about DNA and heredity. In the corner of my eye is saw the two skeletons whispering to each other and Trinity with her ear buds on. 

I took out my sketch book and started to draw a scene from one of my favorite music videos. Partners in Crime by Set it Off. I drew the couple who got shot down next to each other dead with bullet holes.

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