Chapter 3

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I exited the class room but Sans was by following me. I turned around, and smiled. 

"Is that skull o' yours too thick or is it your lack of ears and a brain that make you unable to comprehend my words" I told him. 

From inside the room I could hear Samuel and Tyler get up and say "Triggered!!" While Reagan or Kendall said "she ready to roast". I stood there in the hallway not moving an inch and waited until he came out if the room and followed me, which he eventually did, after a trillion years.

As we walked i went through all the rooms as fast as I can. "115. Ms.Fagan. Math. 116. Mr.Gruber, yes I know it's like the bubble guppies thing. Math. And so on. We also went outside where some rooms were. "That building over there" I said pointing to a little brick build not too far away "is where the showers and lockers for PE are. Next to that is the room we have indoor PE and health in. Over there" I said Ponting to a bright building "is the art building where you can do sculpting, carving, painting and other art stuff." We then moved on to near the back of the school yard "This is where some people eat lunch or play weird games." 

As we were heading back to the building I realised that we were lo ked out due to the fact that you meeded a key to open the door. 'Shit' I though looking aroumd to see if i could use anything to get in. My eyes then landed on the PE building and I prayed that the PE teacher was here today. 

Without even telling Sans what happened or what i was doing I ran towards the PE building.

"Ey!! Kid!!!" He shouted running to catch up (A/N: Don't you mean ketchup?) with me. 

Once o got to the building I knocked on the door and prayed that coach was there. Luckily she was!!

"Oh hey (Y/N)" She said to me. "Why are you here?"

"Can I borrow the key to get back in the building?" I asked her "Me and the new guy there" I said pointing to Sans "Kinda got locked out wjen i showed him the rooms outside"

"Oh sure!! She said and we followed her to the door which she opened for us.

"Thanks Coach!!" I said

Me and Sans walked back to class in silence. Mostly refusing to talk to each other though.

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