Chapter 2

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'OMG Im gonna die' i though to myself. Class is so boring and most of all the teacher is making us do work we already did a gazillion times. 

I groaned and put my head down for a bit. Not even my friend, Jason's comics can save me from boredom. Maybe i should ask Trinity for help. 

I pulled my phone out and texted her

(Y/N): Haaaalllppppp meeeehhhhh

Trinity: Sorry can't help you ask Taylor. 

I got off my phone and put my head down again. Taylor sat to far away from me. I already tried to ask Mr.Bekiyev to move me but he said no. Fuck you Russian bastard.

As I was about to put my head down again the door opened to reveal Mr.Johnson, the guidance counselor. He had a monster with him, skeleton I think. He had a jacket with floof (A/N: Lemme just break the wall for a bit and say FLOOF FLOOF FLOOF!!!!! FFFFFFFFFFFFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *fixes wall and exits*). I turned around and put my chin in my palm and listened but barely. 

"Okay guys, this is Sam-" "Its Sans" Mr.Johnson was cut off when he said the guy's name was Sam. I chuckled in my head at that. He did get almost everyone's name wrong. "Okay."he said"Mr.Sans here is the new student and i need someone who knows the school to show him around" 

'Oh shit' I thought

Everyone's heads turned toward either me or Taylor. People know we always walk around the school which leads them to think we know the while school. Now guess who was an easy choice here?

"Okay (Y/N) show him around" Mr.Bekiyev said.

"Why me?!" I asked looking at him

"Taylor has work"was all he said. 

I looled at him with an 'are you that fucking stupid' look, but none the less stood up and walked to the front of the room

"Follow me" I told Sans

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