Chapter 1

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I shot up from my comfortable bed thinking 'WHAT THE FUCK' then hearing my loud alarm. I grpaned and got out of bed to turn it off. My genius brain though it would be a good idea to plug it in all the way across the room. 

Today was a Friday so that should be good. Tomorrow we get a break from priso- ahem I mean hel- SCHOOL!!! I meant tomorrow we get a break from school. 

Getting in to a random pair of jeans and a shirt that read "Not today" I headed downstairs to eat breakfast. I was the first one awake since my parents each woke up later than me. My mom has work later and my dad stayed at home. I grabbed an apple from our fruit basket on the coffee table, grabbed my bag and phone then started walking to my friend, Trinity's house so I could walk with her. I plugged in my ear buds and walked to her house. 

As i walked I looked around he scenery. It was always at this time of the year that the cherry blossoms planted around the neighborhood started to blossom. I soon reached her house and knocked on her door. She opened the door and told her parents she was leaving and then we went on our way to school. 

"One more day" I told her ""

"Yup"she said putting her earbuds in her ears. 

We walked the rest of the way to school in silence listening to music. 

Once we got to school we headed to where our squad met up, a picnic table far from the entrance and almost out of school property. Like usual me and her were the first two out of our five person crew.

After a few minutes the rest out our gang showed up. Taylor got there first, then in a few minutes Keren, and finally after a long time Michelle. Each of us talk about random stuff from anime, to hentai, to hot guys, to fabrics, creepy ass Spanish teachers, work, etc. Finally we were allowed in the school. After getting our stuff for the first half of the day we walked around until it was time to get to our class. My first period was Computer with Taylor. 

I headed, well was more like dragged by Trinity, to class. 

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