Chapter 37 - She's On The Hunt

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~ ~ Chapter Thirty-Seven ~ ~

The branch swung back, slapping me in the face and I groaned in pain, biting down on my lip to stop the scream that really wanted to come out. Rubbing my stinging cheek as I glared at Vance, who held no real expression even though I’m willing to bet big bucks on that he wants to crack up laughing right now.

"Don't be such a baby," he grunted, while Chris snickered from behind me.

"Shut up CC," I muttered, turning to glare at him briefly and facing back in front of me just in time to duck from another branch whipping back.

"You must be running out of insults Eva, all you ever seem to do is tell me to shut up lately. I’m disappointed," he faked sadness and I purposely pulled back on the thick branch in my hands, letting it get a larger whipping motion.

"Missed,” he chuckled and I growled lowly.

"You would think you would have a problem with keeping this all a secret from Saxon," Vance commented from up ahead, "like a normal mate would."

"Do you want to know what we know or not?" I growled, "Because I can easily turn around and keep you out of the loop, and trust me, you will want to be in on this one."

“Vance!” Chris groaned from behind, “Everybody knows not to antagonise the wild one! It’s common-sense!”

Spinning around to glare at Chris, “The wild one? Are you for real right now, seriously CC?”

My friend just grinned back at me, as Vance spoke up, “I think this is far enough.”

“Finally, we’ve been walking through bush for hours now,” I muttered.

“It’s been thirty five minutes,” Vance snapped and I stared at him with a blank look.

“Felt like hours.”

“Just hurry up and tell me what you know before Saxon notices both of us are missing,” Vance muttered, getting agitated with me, which caused a grin to spread across my face.

“Well, I do know that I have a not-so-secret cousin now, and that Saxon thought he wants to be with me, as in, you know be with me,” I emphasized the be part, winking at him as well.

Vance looked away from me to Chris, “Is this all she dragged me out here for?”

“Dragged? You have got to be kidding me right now; you wanted to come out into the middle of the woods. Not my fault you misunderstood what I wanted to tell you,” I cried out, putting some drama in my tone just to tick him off that tiny bit more.

Chris chuckled as he slung one arm over my shoulder and shook my body a bit, “Nah, she’s just messing with you. We actually have some good information on Grug.”

“We?” Vance raised an eyebrow, and then looked solely at me, “This was a need-to-know basis, not a share-everything-with-your-friends thing,” he growled.

Rolling my eyes, “Chris needed to know, plus, he helped me. He is my sidekick after all,” I growled back, hiding my grin as I watched his right eye twitching a little. I was seriously getting under his skin right now, “Alright, fine,” I sighed loudly, “I’ll stop messing with you.”

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