Chapter 42

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Hey guys! Here's a little, well.. a semi long chapter for you guys! Enjoy!!' Xoxo

Erin's POV

"I don't know what to take!" Jaxon says from inside the closet. I'm currently sitting on the edge of what use to be his bed, in the room that he use to live in. We hadn't been in here long, maybe a little passed five minutes. We had just recently got back from seeing Dr. Gessler, and just like my father had promised Dr. Gessler had looked over what was left of Jaxon's bullet wounds.

He said that they were healing perfectly fine and in a few hours they would most likely be completely healed. Jaxon could of sped the healing process up by drinking a little more blood, but of course he refused to have some more.

I respected Jaxon for not wanting to drink live blood, I wasn't going to make him do anything he wasn't comfortable with, but it wasn't just the live blood that made him uncomfortable. He wasn't okay with any blood, and I could understand perfectly where he was coming from, it's a big change for him, but I needed him to at least get comfortable with the idea of bagged blood.

Blood was a big part of his life now, it's what he needs to survive, what he needs to keep him going. He doesn't understand just how hungry a vampire could get, how much pain it can cause, and I honestly never wanted him to feel it. I personally didn't care how long it would've took him to get comfortable with the idea of feeding, I would've been there for him regardless, but we were on a time frame so we were gonna have to start working on it soon.

Pushing it all to the side I got off of the bed and walk towards the closet, "Jaxon, just grab anything." When I reach the door frame I see Jaxon just standing in the middle of the closet, staring blankly at the many shirts that hung in front of him. "Baby, just grab a couple."

"We share almost everything, what if I take one that they really like?"

I lean on the door frame crossing my hands over my chest, and sigh. "Then we'll bring them back, Jax's. You only need some to last you the rest of the week, we'll go out and buy you your own stuff in the next couple of days."

Jaxon starts shaking his head and reaches for a couple shirts, "I don't need you wasting your money on me."

I scoff softly at this, "it's not wasting money, Jax's, plus I have way more than what I know what to do with it." I push myself off of the door frame, "pretty soon you'll have more than what you'll know what to do with, once you complete your training." I say walking away.

I stood in the opening between his bed and the one before his, looking at the box that Baxley had given Jaxon to put some clothes in. Bax's of course didn't hang around seeing how there was no one down here to spike Jaxon's hunger. I looked into the box for what seems to be like the fifth time, he has most of his boxers in there, a couple pajama bottoms and a few pairs of jeans. I scoffed quietly to myself, I don't care what he said, I was gonna buy this man a wardrobe whether he liked it or not.

Jaxon steps into the room a couple seconds after me with a few shirts in hand, he places them in the box without even bothering to fold them. "He's gonna pay me?"

The neat organized freak in me pulls the box closer towards me, I take the shirts back out of the box placing them onto the bed. I grab the first shirt on top and start folding one by one placing them back into the box, neatly.

"Why would he pay me?" Jaxon repeats his question.

I look up and smile at him as I continue to fold the shirts. He's standing on the opposite side of the box, on the other side of whoever's bed this is. "The people in the house were called the help for a reason, Jax's, did you think that everyone that worked for my dad worked for free?"

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