Chapter 16.

It wasn't long until we had made it to our next destination. And when we I looked outside I was surprised, yet again, to see that we had stopped in the middle of nowhere. All I could see around me were trees, beautiful, green trees.

It had been a while since I had seen an imagine like this.

Last time I was home. With my parents.

I know I may seem like a completely insensitive bitch.. I barely even mention them. But that's only because it hurts too much to speak of them. They are my world, and I miss them. But I know my occupation would do no good to them.

I can't afford to miss them.

"You okay?" Harry asked me, snapping me out of my trance. "You've been staring at the trees for a while."

I took a deep breath. "I'm sorry.. this place just reminds me of..." He looked at me, waiting for me to continue. He showed me a part of him I had never seen before... maybe I could.. "Nothing." I smiled, taking off my seat belt.

I knew he wasn't really satisfied with my answer, but after giving me a weird look he let it go and opened the car door.

"Where are we going anyway? I'm not really dressed for hiking." I told him, following him into the woods.

"It's not so far." He replied, looking back at me and sending me a smirk.

"You're not planning on killing me and dumping my body out here, are you?" I joked, but part of me was slightly serious.

He turned around and winked at me. "I don't know, not killing, maybe fucking."

I hit his arm and laughed, and he winked yet again before holding his hand out, offering me to take it. I looked at it for a second, and the words no, don't... passed through my head but I ignored it and took his arm hand, his fingers immediately wrapped around mine.

     "This doesn't make us friends." I told him with a look.

    "Of course not, Angioletto, I aspire to be much more than friends with you." He chuckled, and I brushed off his joke.

    "Why do you call me Angioletto?" I finally asked while we walked. I know I called him that first but it's weird to call your nemesis such an innocent nickname.

  He shrugged. "Because you are."

    "Care to elaborate."

  We stopped in the middle of the Forrest, and he looked around as if he was trying to figure out which way to go, before he pointed west and lead us that way.

    "You're naive, fiery, definitely fiery, but naive." He said, shaking his head.

    I couldn't help but laugh. "You can't be serious?"

  But he never replied, instead he ignored the question. "Well you're the Italian one here, why am I, the Englishman, speaking more Italian than you?"

    "Because, stronzo, like you told me once before, it turns you on. Apparently. And I don't really wish to do so." 

    He bit his lip and sent me a look.

  "We're here." He said, passing through some bushes and I looked up.

There was a river  in tho middle of a field, a big, gigantic filed covered in flowers. There were mostly lilacs, but you could tell the war hadn't affected this area at all.

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