The Moon

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I apologize for the lack of updating or even publishing. I'm a senior in high school so this whole year has been stressful! Here is the first real writing into Howl! I know I ended His Omega with a really cheese ending so I think you all deserve a real story for Carson and Michael so here is what you missed in between some of the most important parts. I'm taking your advice people and I decided that the relationship did go too fast and you all deserve a little more back ground on what is happening between the Pack and everything! Welcome to Howl, This is the Introduction of the Jasper's Wolf Pack. I'm going to be honest this will probably contradict the original story because I F-ed up my time line in the original story and I promised I would edit it. So um, sorry?

Michael's Point of View
3 hours after the claiming of Michael as Carson's Omega

People use to tell me that when you were claimed by your Alpha life would suddenly be complete and you would have a perfect life. They didn't explain to you that maybe it didn't click how most people said it would. After waking up from my brief bit of unconsciousness I could focus on reality. Everything felt like some horrible joke that everyone was playing on me because, why me? Why would the next Alpha of our pack lay claim to some Omega he couldn't stand to be close to, and I am defiantly not stupid enough to believe that the 'wolf picked me cause there wasn't anything about me that screamed 'Alpha Mate'. Sitting up in the middle of a bed made for a king, or better yet, an Alpha made even less sense.
The room I woke up in was large, probably larger than all the rooms on the first floor of my house combines. It seemed sophisticated like it was one of those rooms you have relatives to impress them about all the money and power you held. The walls were a deep gray color and the bed was a king sized four poster bed with an overly soft mattress and heavy duvet that was black and gray. Glancing around the room I noticed that it was empty, like untouched by any sort of personality, no type of decoration in the walls and taking in a slow breath there was no lingering smell of any other person, just me.
Blinking slowly I push my legs over the side and stand ignoring the lingering pain that laced through my face and head where I was hit earlier. The room spun for a second but after shutting my eyes and taking in a slow breath I was able to steady the spinning to a low rocking, like I was riding on a ship. Carefully I moved toward the door opening my senses to the sounds and smells that surround the house.
Of course the house smelled of the Jaspers family, it clung to the hallway and almost every piece of wood that was used to build the house. Stepping into the hallway it was like being surrounded by them, them and their overly posh lifestyle and Alpha superiority about everything under the sun. It was like suddenly having every deadline and stressful feeling being shoved into your face and screaming at you at once. It fucking sucked.
Pushing past the smells I moved down the hallway lightly dragging my finger tips against the wall to steady myself. I wondered toward the stairs at the end of the hallway and paused at the top trying to relax myself enough that it didn't feel like my whole life was being destroyed as I live and breath. Shaking my head I start down the stairs gripping tightly onto the railing as the sounds from below finally come to me.
"You can't just do this! You can't just take him away from us! We are his family! I am his Mother. There is so right that you could try and hold above my head that would even hint at it being fine for you taking him from me," My mother's voice danced around the ground floor filling my chest with a low warmth of happiness and love.
The rumbling reply that came though slowly darkened my heart and dampened my mood as I stepped onto the first floor landing, "Diana, I am the Alpha, I have every right to bring the boy here. Not to mention my son had chosen him as a mate. There is no contest on why I have Every known right to hold the boy here in My house ."
Leave it to an Alpha to decide how to control a person.
"Your son has only claimed my son in a one way bond. Did my son return the mating bite? No. So there for My Dear Alpha the Bond will be weakened and voided before anyone can even attempt to control my child," the low rumble coming from my mother makes me take a deep breath and push into the living room where the conversation is coming from and as soon as I am visible to the room all eyes focus on me.
Around the room I count at lest 11 people, half being supporters and friends of Carson and the other half being my family and one or two being Samuel Jaspers third and fourth, Edwin missing probably because of Carson's little threat on his life earlier. Deep down I hold in a small snicker of joy at the fact that even though I don't plan on sticking around too long Edwin Hickter may have screwed himself over finally. Easily all of the eyes dance to me as I reach up nervously pressing my hand over the already healing bite on my throats and try to ignore the stinging stiff bruise covering my face still. From the corner of my eye I can see Carson sitting up quickly where he was slouched into the couch watching my mother argue for my purity and freedom. Resisting the urge to roll my eyes I glance to Alpha Samuel and clear my throats before saying in a gruff voice, "My mother is right Alpha. I did not return the bite for reasons that we all are well aware of," with little patients for people side stepping the truth I gesture to my bruised face and smirk.
Alpha Samuel scowls deeply his face looking older than I have seen it in a while before he glances to his son. Carson is again staring at me like I was the one who made him feel like shit all the way through school. His eyes are wide and his mouth brought down in a pout, obviously not use to being told no when he picks out a new toy.
Easily and make a face at him before focusing again on my mother with a small smile as she reaches out for me crossing the room to lightly touch my face. Ignoring the others in the room she asks lightly scenting me, "Are you okay Baby? I swear I'll kill that man for ever laying a god damned hand on you," her lips are pulled down into a frown and her sad green eyes lightly misty holding back her motherly tears.
Smiling lightly I reach out to pull her smaller frame against my larger one and hold her close, "Im okay, a little bruised and dazed a bit but Mostly focused."
Across the room a low growl is heard and I glance over my moms should to let My eyes finally focus on Carson. His hazel eyes are cold and angry as he clinched his fists obviously angry but between my rejection and his earlier reaction to Hickter, no one could tell. He stands up and shifts his body so I can finally focus on what he looks like fully.
It's been a while since I was able to last look at Carson with out fear of being beat into the dirt for it. The last time I probably gave the Alpha son anything more than a passing glance was middle school and since then he had changed. A lot. He grew taller, maybe even finally on equal height as me and my lanky self but instead of lanky limbs he was blessed with being able to actually gain and keep muscle with little help. His hair is curly and blonde through cut short enough you wouldn't be able to notice with out being close enough to share the same oxygen with him and his skin is a tan color from spending hours in sports and outside working. Oddly enough I notice that instead of dressing up for the claiming day Carson opted for a plain black t-shirt and some regular jeans, seemingly underdressed compared to every other Alpha that stood in the field earlier. Drawing my mind away from Carson's looks, I focus on the fact that he is walking closer and looking determined for some reason.
"Michael..." he starts with one hand reaching out to touch my face making me shift so I can slip from my mothers caging arms and she can glare at the Child Alpha. Carefully he moves trying to get closer to me, "Are you okay? Does it hurt? Can I get you anything."
With out really thinking I reply Sarcastically, "I mean you could get away from me but you can't really take a hint so that's a bust."
His breath pauses a minute and the room around us falls silent. His eyes bore into me like swimming pools of horror and loathing and he quickly reaches out grabbing my arms and snarls, "What did you just say?"
Glaring sharply I puff out my chest and try not to flinch away at the Alpha aura He is pushing toward me. I meet his eyes and suck in a slow breath before replying, "I said, I reject your mating Bond Carson Ethan Jaspers."

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