A Poem About Trayvon Martin

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  • Dedicated to Trayvon Martin and his family

A boy 17 years of age walks down the street,

a hoodie on his back and sneakers on his feet, 

Arizona ice tea and skittles all he had with him,

but this innocent situation did soon turn grim,

a man, George Zimmerman, found him suspicious,

and later claimed that he had been vicious,

a shot was fired from Zimmerman"s gun,

and the boy's life is now most unfairly done,

the boy in the hoodie, that kid that got shot,

stop calling him that, just a story he is not,

Trayvon Martin, say it, for that is his name! 

and how can we think that he is to blame?

Trayvon is dead and his killer walks free,

please tell me now how justice this can be?

I didn't know Trayvon, not a day in my life,

and still this injustice cuts through me like a knife,

and as we get caught up in solving the crime I fret,

Trayvon himself we may begin to forget,

he was a human being who didn't get to say bye,

he walked this earth and gazed at this same sky,

his future, his very life, has been taken away,

and still we simply carry on with our day,

well I'm done, and I've made my choice,

and here is where I find my voice,

a man, just a 17 year old boy, has been killed,

and his murderer's jail cell still has not been filled!

show you think this is wrong, that this. Is. Not. Right!

don't sink to violence, not that kind of fight,

but show that to you this is important, that you do care,

and let, your cries for justice. Fill. The. Air!


This was a very powerful and important piece of writing to me. And now I must ask you please, please, vote, comment, and fan. Even if not for my sake but for Trayvon's. I want votes and such so this can make it to the what's hot list and more people can know about this. Please, for Trayvon... </3


4/11/12 Zimmerman was charged with 2nd degree murder. Justice is better late than never. I think I speak for many, and hopefully most, of us when I say thank you every one who supported before and after Zimmerman was charged Trayvon.  <3

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