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Aiden was lying between my legs resting his back against my chest as we lay on the grass staring out at the sparkling water of the lake, I was beyond content. My fingers were caressing my mark on his neck lightly in slow circles. He kept shivering from it but I couldn't stop touching him. He was mine. All mine and no one was going to take him from me. He was asking me questions about me and my pack.

"so you're a werewolf" he said. Chuckling I buried my face in the back of his hair, I couldn't get enough of his smell.

"yeah" I muffled in his hair. I was still a little amazed at how well he took it. I was ready for him to freak out and reject me. And that would have crushed me.

"so are you a underworld wolf or a twilight wolf?" he asked looking at me upside down. I raised my brows up at him.

"really?" he turned to face me on his knees.

"well yeah, I'm curious" his eyes were wide with curiosity, like he was going to hear a juicy secret. I couldn't stop my smile.

"I really don't want to compare myself to stupid movies but if I had to pick I guess I would say I'm more of a twilight wolf." I said halfheartedly. His eyes light up.

"so you a huge dog" he said his voice filled with awe. I grimaced at being compared to a pet.

"no Aiden, I'm a werewolf and we're far from being domestic pets" I said a little annoyed, I hated to be compared to dogs. I mean yeah wolves are part of the canine family but we're far from being someone's pet. We're wild creature and need to be free. Aiden must have seen the look on my face because he looked a bit sheepish.

"sorry I didn't mean to offend you" my wolf growled at me for making him feel guilty.

"no, no it's fine, I'm sorry" I apologized pushing him gently to his back on the grass so I could hover over him and give him a gentle kiss.

"I'm sorry" I said softly. He sighed against my lips looking up at me with his adorable innocent blue eyes.

"how it that you makes me feel like this?" he asked tenderly. I buried my face in his neck,

"everything your feeling, I feel it ten times over. We are meant for each other Aiden" I told him.

"what do you mean?" I pulled back a little to gaze down at his him.

"you're my mate, Aiden" I said. His eyes widened,

"you mean that we're-" I nodded even before he could finish. He let out an overwhelmed breath.

"I know this is a lot to take in" he nodded.

"yeah" rolling over I laid on my back and stared up at the dark green leaves of the trees and the bright blue sky, oddly shaped clouds passing over head. It was quiet but the good kind showing that we could be comfortable in each other's silence.

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