Chapter Six: Light

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Yes, they did eventually let me out of the asylum. But I never found her again.

I spent my days in inner squalor, wasting away from the illness of sour depression. How was I to forgive myself if she did not forgive me? I grew old hating myself, suffering panic attacks every time I saw a piano. The music faded out altogether one day, and I suspect it is because I was weaned to point of no return from her love. I picked up a new job as a lowly janitor, and became the grouchy old mopping man that kids would look sideways at from school. I despised life, and even occasionally considered killing myself to be free of this burden. I almost succeeded a couple times.

But this isn't where the story ends.

I found a new love one day. No, it wasn't some lady with flowing neon hair or polkadot dresses, nor was it anyone wholly human. I was introduced to my true love on July 23, 2013.

I was at this church that I attended occasionally (since my parents raised me that way) when I heard the preacher speaking of some guy named Jesus. Now, I've known Jesus all my life; meaning, I've know of him. He sounded alright; He seemed like a really good guy. But that day, the preacher told me He was more than that. He told me Jesus was the Son of God, and He lived perfectly. Never messed up once. But then He died for all the people who messed up all the time (which was everybody) so that we could be His kids, and even join Him in His world one day. This woke me up. This made me realize that I can't depend on people's love all my life, because sometimes people make mistakes that can't be recovered from. But the thing is, God can recover from anything. So that night, I accepted Christ into my life, and into my heart.

Five months later, He called me home.

I died alone, but certainly didn't leave alone. The clouds above me broke open, and the brilliance and wonder that ever dwelled in my heart and in that beautiful music poured forth from the sky, raining down on me like dew drops. Teal! Gold! Lilac! Emerald! Sapphire! Crimson! The wondrous pastels of my music's soul came alive before me, and carried me up into the heavens. I landed on a field of sparkling grass before a colossal gate of pearl and gold. The gate burst open, and a soothing voice coaxed me inside. Before me stood my true love, surrounded by a flood of mysteries and colors and music that put all qualities of Synthia to shame.

"Dad!" I cried, a smile spread upon my face. I embraced my Father, and He held me tightly.

"I missed you so much," He exclaimed, pulling me deeper into His hug. His warmth radiated around me, and restored my aged soul and body into one of youth, like a child. We didn't even bother to say 'I love you', for we were expressing it in every moment I stood with Him there.

When at last we let go, He took hold of my shoulders and whispered,

"I have a job for you."

With ecstatic excitement, He directed me toward the angel choir. He presented me the largest, most complex piano I had ever witnessed. I grew overjoyed.

On Earth, this instrument would have opened a wound, but here, I was refreshed and ready to play.

I carefully laid my fingers upon the glowing white keys. My Father stood besides me, watching. I stared in awe at the tool, astonished I was even allowed to touch it.

"Well," chuckled the King, "What are you waiting for? Play!"

I began, and the song that drove me mad in the world now gave way under my fingers, and came out infinitely more beautiful than what I had grasped in my mind before. The angels behind me began their song, and the Lord and I joined in their song of eternal ecstasy:

Behold the awesome Son of Man

who saved this lost one's soul.

Meeting Yahweh's greater plan

Sebastian met his goal.

And though the trials of the world

were difficult and sour,

here he stands at Father's feet

in awe of His great power.

Let all who love the King of all

soon join Him in this song;

never again shall children fall

you found where you belong.

Yes, listen well, those who love Him:

you found where you belong. 

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