Chapter Twelve

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^Song above is Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright (This song has been majorly stuck in my head!)

She fell through the air, the wind whipping around her form and blowing her hair back like a massive black sail. The water rushed up to meet her, greedy in its need to swallow her beneath its waves. She screamed, the sound snatched away by the air.

All the while, I stood helplessly frozen to a spot, my mouth hanging open and my mind stuck reverberating around her decent.

I would never be able to help her, not without the ability to fly. Not without the courage that Pan possessed wholeheartedly. I was only nine! I was used to my older brother taking charge of everything.

We were both forced to rely on that red-haired man now.

Just before she could nose dive into the salty water, Pan was there, the hero of the hour once more.

His arms caught her with a low thump, her hair falling around them in a curtain of ebony.

She was so close to the water that many of her dark strands hung down into the swirling waves.

The shouting on the cliff dropped off for a second before they were renewed with a more excited vigor. Cheers were thrown across the waves, happiness echoing from their words.

This time, there were adult voices joining in the fray. They were responsible enough to keep the little children away from the cliff's edge, even while in the midst of joy.

The leaders of the village would definitely know that we were free.

Would they tie us up once more, forcing us to suffer long after that heroic saving? Or would we be released, revered for Pan's heroics? It seemed that time would be the only one able to tell.

Pan carried the girl back to the little rock where I still stood, his arms never straining in his quest to keep her safe. I could hear their faint chatter as they floated closer, sincere gratitude echoing from every other word.

Carefully, she was set down, her bare feet sliding across the wet surface. The girl nearly fell into the ocean, but she refused to accept any more help from Pan. She even brushed him off when he tried.

With a haughty huff, she turned to me, her dark eyes shining with unshed tears and slight annoyance. Neither emotion was directed towards me, but more towards the situation itself.

Up close, her ebony hair shone like a moonless night, its long glistening strands straight and thick. Her dark eyes were a chocolate brown so deep that they sucked one in and never let go. She was around the same age as me, both of us well under Pan's towering height.

In the back of my mind, a sense of nostalgia rose, completely unhindered.

She stuck a hand out towards me, the palm shimmering with sea water droplets. "I'm Calla Lily, but you can call me Calla." Her voice was smooth with an unusual accent under toning it.

I took her hand, the water transferring to mine and making my palm slick. "Wyn." I said softly, confusion eating away at me like a bug.

A dazzling smile broke out across her lips. "Nice to meet you! We don't normally have mainlanders in the village, so it's great to finally meet one!" She rambled on rapidly, her voice pitching into excited squeals.

I smiled as well, becoming infected with her joyous nature. My palm slipped from hers, but neither of us cared.

I stared at her for a moment, studying her features once more. I couldn't quite place why she was so familiar. It was a nagging feeling that wouldn't go away like an irritating itch upon the arm.

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