8- Tattos and Sleepover

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It had been a couple days since Lauren has heard or seen Camila, so when she woke up to a text message about hanging out that evening, she was pretty ecstatic. She needed her ginger fix. She went about her normal Thursday, attending classes and being grateful that there's no Fifth Harmony practice. When the time came, she eagerly showered and got ready to head to Camila and Normani's apartment, only slightly sulking that the brunette said to bring her books with her so they could study.

She arrived at the apartment a little after 6pm and started bouncing on the balls of her feet in nervous excitement. She wasn't really sure why she was even doing it. It's a no brainer that the Camila makes Lauren nervous and of course she excited to see her, but the action took the brunette by surprise. Before she could think about it the door flung open to a frazzled looking Normani. The brunette rose her eyebrows, Normani looked like she could kill her in an instant and she was pretty sure she didn't do anything today to make her want to do that.

"Hey Normani... Can I come in?"

The blond looked surprised for a second then took a deep breath, like she forgot to collect herself before answering the door. "Yes, sorry. Studying for this exam has me at my wits end. Camila must have her headphones in." Lauren nodded to the blond, "I'll be sure we keep it down." And with that headed towards the door. She knocked but didn't receive an answer so she slowly opened the door and poked her head in to find Camila was nowhere to be seen. She walked in cautiously, slightly confused when she heard the door close behind her. She spun around fast to find the smaller brunette behind her, looking like she just got out of the shower. "Sorry I didn't answer the door, I got into the shower later than I had intended."

Camila's hair was wet and tousled every which way as she tried rubbing out all the water. Holy shit, sexy post shower hair. To Lauren, some of the best looking hair is right after a shower when it's still damp and half way messy looking, and damn Camila is certainly rocking that look right now. She couldn't help but stare as Camila rubbed her hair, continuously wafting the scent of her sweet shampoo towards the brunette. Lauren had this strong desire to run her hands through that thick mane of hair. Having fistfuls of that gorgeous hair and scraping her nails across her scalp. The pull was so strong that the brunette didn't realize she started walking towards the other girl till she was standing right in front of her and Camila was giving her quizzical look. "Laur, what are you doing?"

The brunette jumped away from the smaller girl, her cheeks flushed red. She smiled sheepishly, "Oh nothing! You just smell good." She finished with an innocent smile, which made Camila giggle, letting the brunettes awkwardness slide and continued to rub her hair. "Your hair is amazing, you know that?" Lauren quickly shut her mouth at her sudden outburst. Camila stopped drying her hair and looked at Lauren with a stupid grin on her face. "You want to touch it, don't you?"

"What? No! No, no I don't. Of course I don't!"

Camila laughed heartily at Lauren's struggle to keep it together. But the brunette couldn't get past her, she could tell what she really wanted. "You can you know." Lauren furrowed her brows "What?"

"You can touch it. Isn't that what you want?" Camila knew, but she figured she'd let the awkward brunette make the decision for herself. Lauren sat there for a few seconds staring at the smaller brunette before sighing out, "God yes," and quickly closing the distance between the two. When she go closer to her, however, her confidence faltered and she didn't seem to know what to do. Camila giggled and grabbed Lauren's hands and put them around her neck, hoping the brunette would figure out the rest. Lauren stood there awkwardly before an encouraging nod from Camila and she moved her hands into the thick brown mane.

Granted this isn't exactly what Lauren envisioned when she thought about running her hands through Camila's hair, but this would have to do for now. She allowed one hand to scrape against the brunettes scalp as the other gently took a fistful of hair. This action made Camila close her eyes and let out a low moan, surprising both the girls. Lauren didn't let go, instead had a devilish smirk on her face and continued weaving her fingers through Camila's hair as she pulled her closer. She moaned once again at the constant massage, leaving Lauren beside herself. These are the most beautiful noises I've ever heard in my life. Camila let her body fall completely into Lauren's, her lips resting on the brunette's neck. Lauren's body was on fire from all of the contact and especially from the tantalizing noises coming from the girl that was now completely pressed against her body.

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