Part 35*

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Shravan: And I am sorry about that. I am sorry for putting you in a position like this. But you will have to make a choice between me and Aditya. Who do you choose as your son? Shravan Malhotra or Aditya Ahuja?

Ramnath: (before Nirmala could say anything) Shravan I completely understand how you feel right now. And I know that you want an answer from Nirmala. But I think that we should do all of this after Suman is a little better.

Preeti: Yes Shravan, I know that you are protective about Di and how much you hate Aditya. But I feel like it would be better for you not to talk about this whole issue until Suman Di gets a little better.

Pushkar: Bhaiya even I agree with them. Remember what happened last time Sumo woke up at the hosptial? I think that we should completely avoid this matter until we are sure that Sumo is fine.

Shravan: Fine. If you guys say so, and for Sumo's wellbeing, I guess I won't ask you this question now. But Ma, as soon as I bring Sumo home and know that she is better, I will ask this question again. And I expect you to give me an answer.

The nurse comes out of the ICU and approaches Shravan.

Nurse: Sir, the patient has been shifted into the ICU. If you would like, you can go in and meet her. However only one visitor at a time.

Shravan: Thank you. I will go first.

Pushkar: Ok Bhaiya. 

Shravan enters the ICU and sees Sumo lying on the hospital bed. The memories of the last time she was here, come flowing back. He was glad that this time, she wasn't as serious. He was content that she would be fine, she would be his, and he would be hers.  

His smile quickly faded when he realized that he was the reason she was here. And he was the reason that she has been here the last time too. He was guilty. Guilty because he failed to fulfill his promise. He had told her numerous times that he wouldn't let harm come her way. He had told her that Aditya would never again lay his hands on her. But he failed.  Shravan's eyes fell on her neck. It was marked up from Aditya's tight grasp. He had tears in his eyes. Aditya had not only touched her, but hurt her, mentally and physically. 

Shravan's eyes then fell on her head, which was covered in bandages from the wound on the back of her head. He couldn't help but feel responsible.  She had put herself in this pain for him. 

Shravan: (kneeling beside her as she laid unconscious) Sumo? Jaan, I am so so sorry that I broke your promise. (sobbing) I am sorry that Aditya touched you, and I am sorry that I couldn't do anything. I know that if I make this promise once more you will laugh at me. But as long as I live I will try to protect you, and if I ever fail to do so, I will die. If I ever hurt you, I will hurt myself a million times more........I used to  think that I loved you in a way that no one ever has loved. (laughing) I was so wrong Sumo. The way that you love me........I have no words for it. You are the definition of love. 

Shravan touches her hand and takes it into his. He sets his head down beside her hands, still shielded in his. A tear from his eyes, creeps from his cheeks and drops on her figure. She stirs. 

Sumo: (mumbling in her sleep) A-adi..........adi-tya-a......l-leav.....leave me......A-a...

Shravan hears her words and shoots up. He holds her face in both of his hands, leans down, and looking at her with all the love in his heart.

Shravan: (passionately) Sumo.....Jaan look its me Shravan. Sumo? Baby its your Shravan.

He pats her faces and tried to get her to awake from a nightmare that she had unfortunatly lived a couple of hours ago. She continues to mumble and tremble in her unconscious state.

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