❦Chapter 9- my ex

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"Hey guys, Who wants to go to the mall today!" Aphmau said, trying to get every one out of the room and out the door.

"Aphmau first you wanted us to hang out, and now you want to go to the mall. *sigh* girls" Aaron roles his eyes and started to walk out of the room, following Aphmau.

Today Aphmau wanted the group to hang, which meant I had to practice for the music awards this morning. It was around 4:00pm and I just got here. I guess a "little" shopping won't hurt. As the normal girl I was, I had to go!

"Come on! Come on! Come on!" I grabbed the hand of the person sitting next to me. I pulled them up, off the ground and ran to the door. Running through the room and out the door. I didn't realize that I pulled them until I stopped and looked behind me.

There stood Garroth out of breath, blushing bright red and looking down. He then looked up and saw me look at him. Eye to eye. He smiled which made me blush bright pink and smile back.

I let go of his hand and walked towards my house.

"I'll meet you guys there!" I looked over and shouted across the street to them.

I walk to the door and open it. I then shut the door behind me and fell back into it and slowly sled down to the ground. I sat there for a while.

Do the boys have a crush on me? I mean, they always blush when I'm in the room. And get mad if I talk to another boy, not including Aaron. But when I talk to one of them the others get mad. They're so cute... Wait! What! Am I falling for them?! I hadn't had a crush, I believe since high school.


I quickly snapped back to reality once Bailey jumped on my lap and licked my face.

"Stop you little cutie" I lifted him in my arms and walked upstairs to my room. I put him on the floor and I headed straight to my closet. One reason I didn't go with them was because I was basically wearing a black hoodie and gray sweat pants. I thought we were just hanging at Aph's place but nope we're going to the mall.

I put on shorts, a white shirt, a red scarf and a cute black leather jacket.

I put on shorts, a white shirt, a red scarf and a cute black leather jacket

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Ok time to go! I put Bailey in his cage with some toys, food and water. Then I was off to the mall. I jumped in my car and drove out of the drive way and onto the road.

*Time Passes*

Garroth's POV

"Do you see (Y/N)'s car yet" Katelyn said impatiently.

"(Y/N)~Senpai will be here soon Katelyn~Sama"

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