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"Momma, Rue and I are gonna go on the playground." The brunette smiled sweetly up at his mother, who was rocking back and forth in the rocking chair that creaked against the wooden flooring every time the woman leaned back. A cigar pipe being pulled from her chaste lips to construct a reply for her child that clinged onto his doll with hopeful eyes.

"I'll be watching." As the woman who had peeking grey hair spoke, smoke tumbled from the foul mouth of hers while responding.

Tyler cheeks flashed from a tan color to a peachy one. He stood on his tippy-toes trying to place his a kiss upon his mother's thinned cheek, but before the sweet action could take place, he was hit upside the head with his mother's harsh hard, the hand that withheld many rings, which cut the boy's temple the slightest bit.

"Don't touch me." A tongue so venomous is what the woman owned, it wouldn't be surprising of it came with the lisp of a snake and dead eyes.

The young boy simply stood back, bare feet flat once more and looking up at his momma with the cherries of cheeks that were risen.

"You're so silly, momma." A giggle rumbled from his chest, ringing irritably in the mother's ears.

With drawn out giggles, the boy pranced outside the front door, feet bare with no shoes as he traveled through the gravel and made his way to the very small park across from his house.

His cut and bruised feet made their way through the wood chips and wrapped around the small, rusted bars of the metal slide.

Once atop the rusted object, he sat Rue right beside the edge, giving her some time before deciding to push her down.

He giggled once she made it to the bottom, soon plopping down onto the wood chips. Tyler turned his head for a slight second, catching a glimpse of a boy his age staring at him from his house window.

The brunette boy grinned, waving delicately before going down the slide himself, which created a burning red mark against his tan flesh from the metal rubbing on his exposed skin.

Standing tall, he picked up Rue, bringing her to his ear because she had to tell him something.

While Rue whispered from her metaphorical tongue, Tyler stared deep into the eyes of the curly haired boy.

Tell him to join us.

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