Chapter 6 - New Direction

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Subsido! A voice bellowed out of nowhere.

The finishing blow didn’t hit me. I opened my eyes and saw the tusk just a breath away from my chest.  Gleaming bright under the sunlight, it was spine-chilling.

Stiff as a rock, the gorillaphant stood frozen on the spot. Its jagged tusk was ready to come down and annihilate me at any moment. I was happy to be alive still.

Suddenly, a girl’s voice spoke. “You don’t want to lie there and wait for my spell to run out.”

I looked around. There was no one. Nobody except me and the gorillaphant. Her voice seemed to come out from the tall grasses on the side of the road. Christ no, not another one of those weirdos again. Please.

“Show yourself,” I boldly replied.

The grass rustled then a girl with white hair emerged. Her skin was vanilla as her wavy curls and she was wearing a red jacket paired with blue jeans. She had a firm grip on a twisted staff of wood with a peculiar design on its tip.

“Are you just gonna stare at me like some kind of psycho or are you gonna kill that monster first?” she raised an eyebrow.

I came back to my senses and quickly stood up. Without further ado, I stabbed the gorillaphant with the aura sword. Though it was already fading, the sword felt solid as it went through the monster’s flesh. Blood spurted from the wound. Die.

Then the gorillaphant began to flicker and disappeared into a cloud of elephant fur. Part of me felt a bit sorry for the poor creature, though most of me was satisfied and glad.

5000 experience points earned! Rank 3 minor boss eliminated! You have received a new title: Novice Killer!

To my amazement, glowing blue orbs appeared and entered my body then I felt energy surged inside of me. Each of my wounds gradually closed and mystically healed. The same thing happened to my bruises and small cuts. In an instant, the pain was gone. My whole body became well and replenished.

Neon-bright words materialized in the mid-air. Congratulations Leonhart! You have leveled up to level 5! Your race, class, and character attributes have been strengthened. You can now learn a new skill. Please visit a town’s shaman or a city priest to acquire a learning scroll.

Cool. All of it felt like some real MMO thing. Wait what are MMOs again? Aw right. Massive Multiplayer Online Games.

Then I remembered the pair of blades that Marccus gave me. Excitedly, I took out my bag pack.  Taking a deep breath, I tried to pull out the first blade.

Surprisingly, it was light; lighter than I had expected. Shining faintly because of the sunlight, its surface reflected my haggard face. Amazed with the sword, it was hard to imagine that I was actually holding a real weapon in my hand.

For the first time in my life, I felt adult yet scared. With this, I could kill, or worse; get killed.

I peeked again inside the pack to get the other one. Still, it was weightless as the first. Unusual. I couldn’t believe the fact that they weighed a ton when I first lifted them. Maybe some sort of magic was acting on it which allowed me to wield it. Whatever it was, the game’s technology was surely way beyond the boundaries of present-day science.

The creator must have been a crazy genius to have created this hell of a game and violated the laws of everything. Yocantes was almost real to me. But I think it really was.

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