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Hoseok: you say it

No you say it

Hoseok: I don't want to say it

*threatens to tell Jungkook every single secret he's keeping and then makes them have se-*

Hoseok: okay fine! At the end of the chapter, you'll get to see pictures of her stupid dog, and her motherfu.cking face
*jazz hands*

Hoseok: you happy now?



Lately I noticed that author nim has not really introduced me to the fans. So, I came up with the idea to take a video of me dancing and stuff like that blah blah blah.

But you know what fam? It's really damn frustrating to come up with my own dance, who knew it was going to be so hard to become a not-famous-at-all idol?


I am Hoseok's #1 fan boy, and when I saw Hoseok dance 'Boy meets Evil' I had an anime nosebleed....mentally.
Physically, anime nosebleed = boner.

But don't worry, I took care of that. I mean, all I had to do was picture Hoseok's body roll.

When I came back from the bathroom, there was this crazy Korean fan hugging Namjoon

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When I came back from the bathroom, there was this crazy Korean fan hugging Namjoon.
In the background I can still see Hoseok jamming out to the music.

"Bitch, he's mine!" Jin said as he pushed the fangirl away from Namjoon.



That's what Namjoon probably wanted to happen....what actually happened was.....

"Jin, you're not going to say anything?" Namjoon snapped Jin out of his trance.

"Sorry, I was paying attention to Ho-...this hoe's dress. It's so ugly *nervous laugh*"

"Jin.......every girl in this school wears this dress"



I cut the silence. "Welp, this isn't awkward at all."

The fangirl stopped hugging him, and tried to introduce herself.........but Jin pushed her out of the room.

"Wait! I have cookies!" Jin pulled her back in.

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