Back In Blonde

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Mordecai's POV

Rigby was super pissed off at me and Benson and I had been hanging out more...

So that day Rigby and I went to the coffee shop and he told me...

"Mordecai, you should end this and come back to being Mordecai again... Look at yourself, You're Mordegay now!"

"No I'm not! Okay, I admit I'm kinda bisexual but I'm not that "gay"

"It's like I don't know you anymore..."

"You started it!"

"Then I end it!"

"Care to wager on that?"

"Fine, you go blonde after he breaks up with you"

"How is that gonna work?"

"Like you know, a sign that you're not being Mordegay anymore... And do it for a week and you and Benson will get back together."

"How did you know that he will break up with me?"

(Goes to a time at night, I was with Benson in his office)

"We better talk." Benson said...

"Like what?"

"It's not you, it's me... It's over."


"I just don't want this anymore..."

"Fine... Fine..."

I walked to the door, opened it, and went out of the office...

'Why is Rigby doing this to me?' I thought.

I went to my room and saw Rigby playing video games.

"Oh hey Rigby." I said, trying to put up a smile.

"He broke up with you? Did he?"


"OOOHH! You're gonna go blonde again you loser! OOOHH!"

"I don't care anymore.."

(The next day)

We were at the coffee shop again, Rigby was shocked about my look again. Even if he already saw it a while ago.

"Okay, you're being Blondecai again. Hahaha!" Rigby started talking...

"It's like the blondes are coming back to get us." I said, sarcastically.

"No they won't, we killed it out there, remember?"

"Hahaha, yeah. We did. Good times. Well, just because you cheated dude."😂

Margaret came.

"Oh, Mordecai, your blonde hair is here again?" Margaret said and smiled☺😂

"Hahaha, yeah."

"Here's your usual." She replied and walked away.

"What's with it now? After this week Benson and I will be back?"

"Yeah, you know it! Benson will come back to you after the bet."

"Ugh. That's really weird you know?"

"I know right! And that's what I'm trying to make you."🙃

"Okay... Fine..."

"I better use it... Keep an eye on my coffee okay?"

Oh, finally, Rigby is gone for a while...

I walked to the counter when I bumped into a cute blonde girl with a blue-green dress and shades on her hair.

We both fell down.

"Oh, I'm sorry miss! Are you okay?" I asked.

"Oh, I'm fine. Ooh. Your hair is nice."

"Uhh... Thanks?"

"It just matches you.☺"

She came to me for a compliment. Wow.

"I'm Mordecai." I said.

"I'm Leni."

I shook her hand.

"Hey Leni! We're leaving now, hurry!" Another blonde girl in the van called her.

"Okay. Wait up!"

-it was nice meeting you." Leni said.

"Me too."

"See ya'!"

Rigby saw me smiling at Leni and he said.

"Oohh... I thought you were with the blondes again!"

"I'm not."

"Then who is that girl?"

"You don't have to know."

"You like her, don't you?"

"What? No."



(At the Park, Mordo and Rigs were at the Snack Bar)

"Uhh. It's so boring!" Rigby said.

I saw Leni again, this time, she's with a white haired boy.

"Hey Leni!" I called.

"Mordecai?" Leni said, not looking at me.

"Here! At the snack bar!" I said again.

"Hey Leni, who is that guy?" The white haired kid said.

"He's the cute blonde I had been telling you." Leni replied.

"Can you stop calling me cute?" I asked.

"Okay. Okay. Leni, we better go..."

"Umm. Sir I'm sorry about my sister. Well, I'm Lincoln Loud. Nice meeting you."

"Wait, Lincoln? I think I know you." I said.

"Me too." Lincoln replied.

"You were one of the guys Rigby and I challenged with at the coffee shop!"

"Oh yeah... Broken Bonez."

"Broken Bonez..." We repeated.

"I'm just so sorry about my sister."

"It's okay."

"See you soon..."

"See you soon..."

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