Chapter 19 - Fiddling fingers & taunting calls

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When my buzzing alarm woke me up, Harry Styles was no longer wrapped around me. My clothes from last night were folded in a neat pile at the foot of the bed. No evidence that he had even been beside me existed, and I partially wondered if it was real.

I crawled out of bed reluctantly and began to search the large penthouse for Harry, starting with the kitchen downstairs. He wasn't in there, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Miss Jennifer cooking.

"Hi!" I grinned, stepping into the kitchen. "It smells really good."

She turned around with a wide smile. "Norah! I'm glad you're still here. I'm making french toast. I think Mr. Styles is upstairs in his office."

"French toast is the best, seriously," I groaned in content. There was already a pot of coffee made, so I poured myself a mug and sat down at the counter. "Jace, my roommate, makes the best french toast. It's to die for."

"Well, you haven't had mine yet!" She teased.

I giggled into my warm drink. "True. I'll judge when I taste yours."

She was still cooking the french toast, which was making my mouth water at the very sight of it, when Harry walked into the kitchen, making my mouth water even more. He had on a grey suit with a light blue shirt underneath and a striped tie. His hair was still wet from the shower and his phone was pressed against his ear.

"I'll be there soon!" He snapped. "Can you not do anything for yourself?" I smiled in amusement as he greeted me with a distracted peck in the cheek and started a pot of tea. "The file is in my cabinet....yes....about 3.6 million...and move the meeting to twelve."

He hung up without another word, sliding into the bar stool beside me. "Sometimes I wonder why I even have employees, if they are all incompetent."

"You probably expect too much," I shrugged.

He narrowed his eyes at me. "I expect perfection in my business, Norah. No room for mistakes."

"Jeez, I was kidding," I grumbled, turning back to Miss Jennifer who was now setting fresh french toast in front of me. "Thanks!"

"Would you like to have lunch with me today?" Harry asked as he slowly cut into his french toast. I, on the other hand, was already on my fifth bite and almost moaning at how delicious it was.

"Uhm, sure," I managed in between bites. "Where?"

"James will pick you up and bring you to my office. I will have something prepared."


We continued to eat in silence, the unanswered question of last night still lingering between us. I tried to savour each bite of my food by eating slowly, and failed miserably, finishing my plate much faster than Harry. He smiled down at me.

"It was good, yes?"

"Obviously," I teased. He slowly shook his head in disbelief.

"You are a lot to take in, Norah."

I almost choked on my drink at the irony. Harry ended up awkwardly patting me on the back as I tried to breathe again. When the coughs finally ended, he raised his eyebrows in questions.

"I'm a lot to take in?" I huffed.

"Yes," He smiled, giving me an unexpected peck on the lips, which sure enough shut me up. By the smirk he gave me afterwards that was probably his plan the entire time, but I didn't even care. Kisses from Harry Styles were worth not talking.

I finished my plate and carried it to the sink, receiving a grateful smile from Miss Jennifer and a glare from Harry. He narrowed his gaze when I stuck out my tongue at him and continued walking, intending to go back upstairs.

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