What the hell

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Jack's POV

     Gym is finally over. I groan as my muscles shake in pain. I haven't had to do anything that hard in a fookin' long time! The new gym teacher sucks... though he does look fit. The bell rings signaling school being over. As I walk to my locker to grab my stuff from the gym locker, I hear something distant.

     I look in the direction of the noise. It's a little quiet though, I can't hear it that much to describe what it is. Slowly, I walk in the direction of the strange noise. Wait... This is a voice, but not a voice? The 'voice' sounded strangely close to Coach Fischbach. 

     It was deep and smooth like Coach but he wasn't speaking. He was... moaning? What the hell is going on back there!?! I continue quietly moving toward the 'moaning'. It was sure him and it was coming from behind his office door. Leaning my head forward, I press my ear against the door. The noise was definitely moaning.

     Was he jerking off? On school grounds!? I then hear him moan something I regret hearing.

     "Jack," he moaned out. I back away from the door quickly, in shock. He was moaning, and as if that wasn't bad enough, he was moaning MY name. Wait, does he like me? We just met! Damn, we barely even talked to each other!! Maybe it's someone else... A loud moan interrupted my thoughts. He must be done... 

     I quickly moved away from the door. Speed walking away, I picked up my stuff and was almost out the door when I hear the voice I didn't want to hear anymore.

     "Jack," Mr. Fischbach asks with surprise and worry in his voice. I slowly turn around to face him. My face blew up with heat as I met his eyes. He wasn't that far away from me and he looked like he just saw a ghost.

     "Um... Why are you still at school," he asked, stuttering in the process.

     I wanted to lie right then and there so I could leave, but I couldn't move. I was frozen. My mouth opened but nothing came out. Closing it quickly, I took a step back. He noticed and he then had a face of guilt.

     "D-did you.. uh.. hear a-anything?"

     I just looked away quickly in response, messing with my fingers. Oh, how I wanted to get out of here and leave this mess for some other time. I'm not ready to take in this information. He stepped forward and asked again, more stern this time, "did you hear anything?"

     Still looking away, I nod my head. I steal a quick glance at him from the corner of my eyes and his face is a red as his hair.

     "H-how much did y-you h-hear," he stuttered again, trying to stay calm.

     "T-too m-much..."

     He looked at me in terror. "I-i can e-explain."

     "No... You don't need to.. Good bye Coach," I hurry out the door. I'm running down the hallways and hear him call after me, but it doesn't make me stop this time. I've heard enough, I just need to rest now...

~Time Skip to da House~

     I make it home and immediately go to my room. Ignoring my mom's hello, I fall onto the bed. Does he really like me? But how? Was he moaning someone else's name? What even is his sexuality? What is MY sexuality? I soon fall asleep to my thoughts.

     My mom wakes me up and I groan. What time is it? I look over at my clock. 6:36 pm. Great. What does she want? Then she speaks, like she read my thoughts.

     "Hey sweetie. You've been sleeping for a while. Are you alright?"

     Out of nowhere, I remember what happened at school causing blush to fade into site my face. She seems to notice and looks at me with a smirk. Oh no. What does she think now.

     "Hmmm, is someone embarrassed? Did someone run into a pretty girl?"

     Oh yeah. I haven't told her my sexuality yet... And I don't even know anymore... I shake my head at her, giving her a death glare. 

     "Ugh, Mom. I don't do dating. I'm think it's too warm in here."

     She just laughs and tells me it's time for dinner. I head down to the table to eat. It's silent, so it gives me time to think about today. How am I going to be able to face him now?


Hey guys! I just want to update this when ever now because I can't get it out of my head. So I updated and I hope you guys like it! See yea!

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